Left-wing groups led by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Shutdown DC, held online training and organized sessions for months coordinating the protests that will take place from today onward around the White House.

According to firsthand information received by Fox News, they planned a large-scale event around the White House that is expected to attract thousands of people.

The leaked documents include recordings and video calls that describe a well-organized network of activists seeking to mobilize across the country, creating a latent threat in case Democratic candidate Joe Biden or President Trump does not recognize election results. 

The material details plans to blockade federal buildings, including the White House. The ultimate goal being to develop civil unrest from Election Day to at least the weekend, and depending on the results, it could stretch all the way to the presidential inauguration in January 2021.

To Fox’s questions, the FBI responded that it had been working long before Nov. 3 with federal, state, and local partners to “gather and analyze intelligence to determine whether individuals might be motivated to take violent action for any reason.”

According to the official website of Shutdown DC, one of the organizations that is promoting the riots, under the unsubstantiated pretext that President Trump plans on “stealing the election,” publicly invites society to meet “On November 3rd, after you vote, volunteer at the polls, or do get out the vote, come to Black Lives Matter Plaza. Thousands of us are planning to come together to defend democracy and ensure that Trump isn’t able to steal the 2020 Presidential Election.”

The statement continues, “Votes will still be coming in, so this will (probably) not be the time we need to create disruption to stop a coup—yet. But we’ll be in a good place to respond to whatever might happen. This has been a really long and dark era so we’re going to be together to process our feelings of hope, anger, fear, and exhaustion as a community.”

One of the videos that Fox had access to, before it was removed from YouTube, showed a training organized by Zoom that was given by communist activist Lisa Fithian, in which she stated, “We’re facing an administration and a potential coup and a potential insurrection. Is there going to be a war? Are people gonna get killed? Like is that on anybody else’s mind? I’m guessing it is.”

During the video call, Fithian could be heard saying that protesters who want to break the windows of government buildings should take one more step and go inside. “We have to be willing to put our bodies on the line and take on some discomfort and sacrifice risk in order to change things.”

“In a situation of coup or insurrection or uprising, whoever has the weapons can often win. We must be clear. Trump has to go,” Fithian concluded, according to the recording of the call posted on the YouTube Sunrise Exposed account, the organization that promoted the talk.

Another video Fox accessed shows a recent training session for protesters led by BLM that focused on personal safety during demonstrations. During the conversation, some practical advice is given, such as how to enter protests with a group of trusted friends, always look for a safe exit route, know your rights according to the territory where the protesters are, drink plenty of water, and several recommendations on how to act in specific situations of violence or arrest of colleagues.

“The police are preparing for battle. We need to be very clear about this,” April Goggans, lead organizer of local affiliate Black Lives Matter, said during an online training session on Oct. 26, The Associated Press reported.

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