A home invader in Fontana, California, got more than he bargained for on Monday, Sept. 28, when he was set upon by a baseball bat-wielding elderly woman who had excellent martial arts skills.

On Monday night, Lorenza Marruja, 67, was confronted by an intruder who had broken into her apartment, and she picked up a baseball bat to defend herself. The elderly woman wasn’t frightened to deal with the man, as she not only had a bat as a weapon but also knew some pretty impressive fighting techniques.

“I was aiming at his head, and he backed off and said, ‘No Miss Kitty, no Miss Kitty, I’m not gonna hurt you,’” Marruja recalled to KTLA5. “And I said, ‘Get the [expletive] out of my apartment right now.”

The man fled from her unit, however, moments later she heard screams coming from her neighbor’s apartment, 82-year-old Elizabeth McCray.

McCray told KTLA on Wednesday, Sept. 30, the intruder, who at one time had lived in the apartment block, had turned out the lights, then threw her to the floor, jumped on her, and started beating her. At that moment, said McCray, her friend Lorenza “Miss Kitty” Marruja came bounding in, minus the bat as in her haste she had left it behind.

“I had him on the ground. First, I went down like to this to his chest,” Marruja said, demonstrating her actions. “And then this was on his throat, like that. I had my hand right here on his jaw and I was aiming toward his eyes. And he said, ‘No Miss Kitty, no Miss Kitty.’ And he got scared.”

Marruja said the man was lucky she had left the bat behind.

“If I did have my bat I would’ve busted his knee caps,” said Marrujo, who at 4-foot-10 inches and a lightweight at 100 pounds, was much smaller and older than her assailant 59, who stands at 5-foot-9 and 170 pounds.

Fontana Police Officer Jennie Venzor speaks to KLTA after apprehending intruder in Fontana on Sept .28, 2020 (Screenshot/KLTA)

Police arrived at the scene, with Fontana Police Officer Jennie Venzor sounding impressed with ‘Miss Kitty’s’ skills and bravado.

“When we are telling her, ‘OK, we got it. You can get off of him now … it was very impressive,” Venzor said.

The suspect, Donald Robert Prestwood, was jailed on Wednesday and is under investigation for felony elder abuse, according to San Bernardino County jail records, reports KLTA.

Meanwhile ‘Miss Kitty’ suggests she would be happy to do the same again if need be. “Self-defense is not murder,” she said.

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