New ads for the Trump campaign are set to refocus on the economy after President Trump has been recently concentrating on “law and order” to get safety issues addressed after the recent riots that threatened to bring the country to its knees.

The president has taken steps to help the country recover after the pandemic added the burden of shutting down businesses.

The ad buy, worth more than $10 million, is an increase of 50 percent in the campaign’s television advertisements, and the focus is on the economy, something at which the president excels.

“We believe the economy, and who is best to handle the economy, is going to be the defining issue in this race,” the official said. “Voters know that President Trump built the world’s best economy once, and he’s already doing it a second time.”

Democrats are blaming the president for the job losses, as Biden said on Sept. 9, in Michigan. “Trump hasn’t stopped companies from closing plants and sending jobs overseas,” adding, “President Trump has broken just about every promise he’s ever made to the American worker. And he’s failed. He’s failed our economy and our country.”

The Trump campaign’s new ads will feature real people telling their stories, similar to how Americans spoke at the Republican National Convention.

“Testimonials straight to the camera from real people is a different direction,” the official said. “These will cut through.”

According to Fox News, officials have said the new ad buy includes one national cable buy and local broadcast buys in eight key states where early voting will occur. With Arizona and Pennsylvania’s addition, ads will continue in North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Florida, and Wisconsin.

According to the official, the 2nd Congressional District in Nebraska and the 2nd Congressional District in Maine have also been included in the new ad buy. “It’s going to be a defining issue, and will win the race,” said the official.

The past four months have seen job creation hit 10.6 million jobs following the massive job loss due to the pandemic.

The campaign has highlighted this as “the single greatest period of job creation in the history of this country.”

Fox News reported the official said, “When you look at just August, which was 1.4 million jobs, that is 2.5 times the number of jobs created in the entirety of the eight years that Joe Biden was vice president. And so people want to vote for a president who will reopen the economy and knows what he’s doing.”

“This week’s advertising continues our strategic plan to follow the dates on the calendar—the states that are voting early—the data that always guides our decision-making and our pathway to 270 [electoral votes],” Trump Campaign Manager Bill Stepien told Fox News.

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