As Hurricane Ida swept through the city, a Queens woman was miraculously rescued from a death trap by her blind son, who discovered her crying for assistance in the basement of her house.

The New York Daily News said that Woodside homeowner Danette Rivera, 47, told the media that her flat swiftly filled up with water almost to the ceiling.

Her tenant alerted her to the flood situation in the basement.

She dashed to the basement to examine the damage. Unfortunately, by the time she understood it had transformed into a hazardous trap, it was too late. The water surged in as soon as she entered her basement. Danette made every effort to flee.

Danette successfully pushed her renter out of a small window. When she tried to flee in the same way, however, the water pulled her down. Its power was so overwhelming that she began to feel frightened. She felt powerless and knew that if she didn’t ask for help, she would perish. She started screaming.

Rivera stated that since she arrived in the city 14 years ago, drains reversing and pouring forth water during storms had always been an issue.

“Every time I came back down to touch the ground, the water would go over my head. I was covered with feces, dirty water. I really thought I was going to drown.”

Rivera yelled for help. She stated that she felt she was going to die at that time. She yelled as loudly as she could to her 29-year-old son Justin. Justin is legally blind in both eyes, searched for the source of her cries.

He was her final hope as she was about to drown. “At some point she was simply crying for help,” he said in the same interview. The depth of the water in the yard astounded me.”

Rivera continued to yell, and her son was able to locate her. He snatched his mom from the cellar, dragging her out through the window. Despite the fact that her stomach and arms were seriously wounded, she feels grateful to be alive.

Danette confessed that her son was responsible for her survival. She might not be alive today if it weren’t for him and his bravery. “My kid is blind, but he is not frail,” she explained. My son was instrumental in saving my life. My hero is my son.”

She too sees the event as a life-changing miracle. Her home may have been severely destroyed, but the most important thing to her is that they are both safe.

“There was no way for me to call him. There was no way for me to contact him. So for him to come down precisely at the moment, it was amazing grace.”

The majority of those who heard their tale applauded Justin for his bravery. “He has to be awarded a medal of some kind of high honor for saving a life even though he is blind!” one YouTube commenter said.

“Talk about repaying your mother!! said another. Saving her life from anything that becomes harm to her … Bless up Sir all prayers and love sent towards your doorstep.”

Another stated, “That is truly a miracle, having to escape a small tight window in water is crazy. And by her blind son amazing.”

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