A drug commonly known as Lupron has not been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of gender dysphoria but is being used in the treatment of children, as a hormone blocker—often with catastrophic effects.

The drug is prescribed for the child when there is confusion about the child’s gender, so Lupron is prescribed to delay the onset of puberty. The child will then have more time to decide whether they want to undergo gender transition treatments.

The FDA has reported over 40,000 adverse reactions to Lupron  (Leuprolide Acetate) since 2012. More than half the reactions are considered severe, with 6,370 deaths resulting from the drug.

“Gender dysphoria is not an endocrine condition, but is a psychological one and should, therefore, be treated with proper psychological care,” Californian endocrinologist Michael Laidlaw said in an interview with the Christian Post. “But it becomes an endocrine condition once you start using puberty blockers and giving cross-sex hormones to kids.”

Some side effects of the drug, and others in its class, include blood clots, brittle bones, joint disorders, and cardiovascular problems.The drug, when injected into the body of a healthy child interferes with the normal functioning of the endocrine system.

“It’s a serious condition that endocrinologists would normally diagnose and treat because it interferes with development, but in [gender dysphoria] cases they’re inducing this disease state,” said Laidlaw.

“The first well-documented case report of a puberty blocker like Lupron (a similar medication called Triptorelin which has an identical mechanism of action) being used in a young patient with gender confusion was published out of Holland in 1998 where a pediatric endocrinologist, working together with a psychiatrist, decided to use the medication on a 13-year-old girl suffering from gender dysphoria,” said Laidlaw.

The Food Drug Administration campus in Silver Spring, Md. Oct. 14, 2015 file photo. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

The frequent use for the drug in adults is to treat prostate cancer in men, and endometriosis in women.

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