The dramatic rescue of a six-year-old child from an alleged kidnapper’s vehicle was captured in gripping bodycam footage. The unidentified child was playing outside her home in Valley Station, Kentucky, when she was pulled off her bike and thrown into the suspect’s vehicle.

Almost instantly, Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers were on the job.

“Fortunately the entire incident only lasted about 30 minutes due to the quick actions of the community and LMPD,” officials said.

The suspect’s red Dodge was quickly located in a driveway by Louisville police, Sgt. Joe Keeling and Officer Jason Burba following information from the girl’s neighbors. The officers rescued the victim and apprehended the suspected perpetrator, WMUR reported.

Burba’s body camera footage captures the moment he left his patrol vehicle, drew his weapon, and rushes the Dodge, shouting, “Open the passenger door!”

A crying barefoot girl was discovered inside when he opened the front passenger door. “Hello,” Burba said to the weeping child. “It’s OK. Come here.” “I want my daddy!” shouted the girl through sobbing as the officer picked her up. The child was discovered uninjured in the front seat of the car.

According to the LMPD, Robby Wildt, 40, saw the child, pulled up in his red Dodge Charger, snatched her, and drove away. Wildt got out of the car with his hands raised, seen on body cam video.

Prentiss Weatherford, a neighbor, was sitting on his porch at 5.40 p.m. on July 2 when he witnessed what he assumed was an abduction. In the 4700 block of Haney Way, a guy grabbed the youngster while riding her bike, Weatherford recalled.

“I was looking down the road, (and) a car came around the corner from the stop sign, parked in the middle of the street. He got out … (There was) a little girl in front of her car on her bicycle. He just grabbed her by the collar, threw her bike, threw her in the passenger’s seat, made his way on down the road,” Weatherford said.

The suspect’s Dodge was followed by Weatherford and his father, who took down the last three digits of the car’s license plate before the supposed kidnapper sped away. They gave the numbers to an officer they encountered who was responding to the incident.

In his police statement, Wildt claimed he saw the girl playing in the street, circled the block, and grabbed her from the side of the road. When she started crying, Wildt said he tried to calm her down. Then, he told officers he realized what he was doing was wrong and tried to bring her back to where he’d grabbed her because he was “afraid he may hurt her” and “he felt bad for doing what he had done.”

He is being held on a $1 million bond for one count of kidnapping a minor.

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