Dr. Robert Epstein, senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology suggested “a relatively simple way” to halt the transmission of the CCP Virus (Wuhan coronavirus), saving countless lives and safely reopening the economy.

“It might sound impossible at first, but it’s well within our capabilities, and it’s far less costly and disruptive than what countries around the world are doing now,” Epstein shared in an interview with Glenn Beck on Blaze TV.

Epstein cited a promising pilot study conducted in Italy where researchers at the University of Padua tested all 3,300 residents of a town near Venice and separated those carrying the virus (whether they had symptoms or not) from those who were virus free, the study found that the transmission stopped immediately. 

Halting the spread

“There is a relatively simple way to halt the spread of the coronavirus fairly rapidly—or at least on a pace we can control. The solution to the coronavirus problem is to test everyone, and then for people who are infected to self-isolate,” he said.

Epstein laid out four benefits of the solution, including eliminating the virus of its hosts, reducing the worst-case scenario that our medical system will be overwhelmed due to thousands of new cases it receives each day, ending the confusion and fear among people because no one knows who is carrying the virus, and ending the financial crisis.

He noted that testing all Americans “is not much different than taking the census” and the cost it takes will be less than the spending this year on the census.

“Because of economies of scale, the per unit cost of 300 million tests will likely be less than a dime, but even if, taking administrative costs and the usual inefficiencies into account, the total cost of each test turns out to be $20, the $6.5 billion price tag for Universal Coronavirus Testing will still be $600 million less than we’ll be spending this year alone on the census,” said Epstein.

The United States currently leads the world in the number of infections, with more than 143,000 confirmed cases as of Monday, March 30.

Simple testing

President Donald Trump announced Monday that the United States has tested over 1 million people for the CCP Virus as he unveiled a new rapid test kit for the contagion from Abbott Laboratories that provides results within five minutes.

Private and public health labs currently have reported testing about 80,000 to 90,000 patients per day and health experts said the United States should be testing 100,000 to 150,000 people per day to track and contain the virus, according to Fox News.

Epstein pointed to a cheap CCP Virus test developed by UK researchers at three universities that people could use at home.

“With 334 million tests on the line in the United States alone—perhaps even billions over time—the same companies that manufacture those cheap at-home pregnancy tests might quickly develop a dirt cheap, self-contained, at-home test. Just shove it up your nose, and, seconds later, a plus-sign on the device says you’re carrying the virus, and a minus-sign says you’re not,” he said.