Popular conservative activist Candace Owens has criticized billionaire Bill Gates and controversial Dr. Fauci as “evil” in a Twitter commentary this week. She also targeted the pharmaceutical industry and its “corrupt interests.”

Owens caused a stir in a Twitter post attacking figures who played a leading role during the CCP Virus pandemic, such as Gates and Fauci. 

She also highlighted in her publication that the pharmaceutical industry is “pure evil” and is “wrought with corruption.”

The tweet quickly went viral and at the moment it has more than 120,000 likes and 28,000 shared. 

Many supported her comments and took advantage of the opportunity to show their discontent with the pandemic and the political use that Democrats and sectors of the left are making of it. 

Since the beginning of the CCP Virus pandemic, Gates has come under increasing criticism for his involvement in tracking the virus and the race for a vaccine.

As it turns out, a CCP Virus research program funded by Gates was shut down in May by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Owens has repeatedly criticized the actions of Gates and the foundation he and his wife lead, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, echoing the accusations of medical negligence and crimes against humanity. 

According to Neon Nettle, a petition calling for an investigation of Gates for “crimes against humanity” went viral over the summer, gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures from citizens concerned about the foundation’s action on testing vaccines in underdeveloped countries and other serious allegations related to its public interest in reducing the world’s population.

The “We the People” petition can also be found on the official White House website.

So far, the campaign has gathered more than 670,000 signatures, more than six times the 100,000 needed for the issue to be taken up in Congress and get an official response.

Specifically, the petition asks the government to investigate Microsoft’s co-founder and his wife Melinda Gates, stating, “Congress and all other governing bodies are not fulfilling their obligations until a thorough and public investigation is completed.”


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