Anthony Fauci is living a few days he will remember for a lifetime as he finds himself in the eye of the storm over the publication of more than 30,000 emails he sent and received early last year.

Most of these emails were between January and March 2020, coinciding with the beginning of the pandemic that is sweeping the world, and were made public thanks to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

As a result of these revelations, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director is being heavily criticized and questioned, calling into question many of the recommendations he has publicly made to deal with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus pandemic or COVID-19.

One of the emails Fauci received in March 2020 was from physicist and CEO of Bio-Signal Technologies, Erik Nielsen, suggesting two drugs to combat the CCP virus. However, the email was ignored by Fauci, saying it was too long for him to read, Breitbart reported.

One of the drugs Nielsen recommended was hydroxychloroquine, which was one of the many points of contention Fauci had with Donald Trump.

In the email, Nielsen told him that colleagues of his in Korea, Japan, and China said to him that they found articles showing the efficacy of Alvesco (ciclesonide) for advanced coronavirus cases. So he recommended that his family get that medication and use it in case of emergency.

The email explained that patients who were on ventilators and near-death recovered entirely after being treated with ciclesonide. In addition, this drug was better than other corticosteroids because it has smaller particles that allow it to reach deeper into the lungs and alveoli.

The physicist stated a second drug, hydroxychloroquine, appeared to be effective and safe for treating coronavirus. He had also recommended it to his family.

Two days after receiving Nielsen’s email, Fauci was asked at a coronavirus task force briefing whether hydroxychloroquine was effective as a treatment for coronavirus, and he replied that it was not.

Notably, Trump was publicly criticized for encouraging the use of this drug to treat the CCP Virus and was widely attacked for the deaths during the pandemic.

It was only in January of this year, with Biden close to taking office, that Facebook and the American Journal of Medicine admitted that Fauci’s position on the ineffectiveness of hydroxychloroquine to combat the coronavirus was wrong.

The revelation of this email is of utmost importance, as it shows that Fauci was on notice about how good hydroxychloroquine can be in fighting the CCP Virus. Trump was not telling him this, but someone else was making the recommendation.

And this is not a minor issue. It is about the fact that Dr. Fauci could have avoided thousands of deaths if he had taken the time to read the email or referred it to a specialist in his team to investigate these two drugs.

But it seems that it was more important to discredit Trump than to save the lives of thousands of Americans.

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