President Trump’s medical adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas, in a personal interview on Fox News, responded to criticism of him and his performance in the humanitarian crisis caused by the CCP Virus in the United States.

He also reported that as a result of his role as medical adviser to the president, he received a series of attacks that targeted him and his professional reputation, with the aim of delegitimizing his ideas. Specifically, he was referring to a recent comment from the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Redfield. He said in an interview with NBC News that “everything Atlas says is false.”

Atlas began working as a member of the White House Task Force in July of this year, at the height of the crisis caused by the CCP Virus. Since then he has served as a personal adviser to President Trump and his entourage on issues related to the pandemic. 

Atlas responded to his basic advice to the president by saying, “The way I advise the president is perfectly consistent with the most appropriate strategy for dealing with this pandemic,” he said. “One, target diligent protection of the high risk and vulnerable populations, and two, open up schools and society.”

The latter statement repeatedly led Atlas to be criticized by advocates for keeping the economy closed forever, as well as schools and social life. 

According to Atlas’s claims, current science has shown that children and young adults have an “extremely low risk” of becoming seriously ill or dying from contracting the CCP virus. One need only look at the CDC data that shows that only 0.2% of deaths have occurred in those under 25, and that those under 19 have a 99.997% chance of survival to understand their position. He also pointed out that children “do not” transmit the virus to adults, citing global studies.

In contrast, Atlas said that keeping the population locked up is “extremely harmful” to Americans. He based his remarks on suicide attempts and the thousands of “botched” treatments for cancer and other diseases. And he reiterated that the “appropriate strategy is to diligently protect the vulnerable and open society in order to end the blockade.”

According to Atlas, President Trump perfectly understands the situation of the country and how the virus behaves, and he also highlighted his and the president’s belief in science when it comes to analyzing statistics and making decisions. 

Regarding the criticisms he received and consequently the health policies of the Trump administration, he affirmed that most of them are the result of bad information from the detractors or politically motivated by the opposition that pretends to take advantage of this situation for the next elections. 

Atlas also pointed to his main attackers, Redfield, director of the CDC and Dr. Fauci, a White House physician, whom he accused of always having an erratic, contradictory and unscientific discourse. “Statements that a mask is better than a vaccine, statements that people should wear goggles with masks, statements that everyone is vulnerable unless they test positive for antibodies,” Trump’s adviser said, paraphrasing Redfield and Fauci.

On the contrary, Atlas always maintained a highly logical and timeless line of thought and discourse about how to deal with and what tools to use to deal with the CCP Virus.

Among his positions, perhaps one of the most relevant, is his statement about the risk of children contracting the CCP Virus and death is practically zero. He also added that children could rarely transmit the virus to adults, so under no point of view could it be justified that they do not return to school immediately, Atlas said in an interview with Fox News.