After a notable decrease in the world’s mortality rate due to the coronavirus or CCP virus (Chinese Communist Party Virus) over the weekend, the Dow index has been showing an increase in the U.S. stock market index since Monday, March 6.

On Tuesday, the stock index continued to rise, increasing investors’ expectations of an improvement in the outlook generated by the pandemic which, as mentioned, has so far reduced its impact on the number of fatalities.

As Business Insider pointed out, while European countries Spain and Italy, with severe cases, as well as France and Germany, have been reporting a significant drop in the number of deaths, the outbreak may be reaching its highest peak elsewhere.

Meanwhile, markets have been encouraged by new measures being taken in the United States to try to cushion the recessionary impact of business closures intended to contain the virus outbreak.

Meanwhile, New York, one of the areas most affected by the CCP Virus, recorded a significant drop in the number of deaths last weekend, although the 3,565 victims rose to 4,159 on Saturday. This is still a positive sign compared to the excessive increase of some 630 more victims recorded last Friday.

The White House issued a more encouraging statement highlighting the signs of a slowing contagion that are occurring in areas that have so far been seriously affected by the advance of the virus.

According to MarketWatch, on Monday President Donald Trump said, “Tremendous light at the end of the tunnel,” noting that at the moment the United States has 10 therapeutic agents, indicating that there is a notable advance in research to treat the virus emergency.

At the same time, the monetary and fiscal policy that the federal government hopes to implement soon could bring a positive impact on the outlook for investors, leading to a possible recovery in stocks in the short term.

Michael Hewson, chief marketing analyst at CMC Markets, wrote, “U.S. markets also got an additional slug of rocket fuel on reports that the U.S. administration was getting ready with another $1.5trn stimulus plan, to be launched in May.”

According to The Washington Post, U.S. lawmakers are discussing the possible introduction of a Phase 4 aid package next month that would be worth more than $1 billion to support the nation’s economy, targeting workers and small businesses.

As for the rebound in the Dow index, several U.S. airlines and cruise lines benefited from the first operations. As Business Insider indicated, United Airlines gained 14%, while American Airlines and Delta Air Lines also advanced. Royal Caribbean , Norwegian, and Carnival cruise lines gained up to 14%.

On the other hand, oil prices showed a rise on Tuesday due to optimism after OPEC and its allies met over the weekend to discuss cuts in oil production.

The uncertainty that encompasses the economic slowdown caused by the CCP virus seems to take on other nuances. Speaking to Business Insider, Hussein Sayed, chief market strategist at FXTM, highlighted the market’s appreciation from the virus outbreak, noting that investors moving into risky assets believe a “V-shaped” recovery is coming.