In a new display of leftist policies attacking traditions and religion, the Los Angeles government agency urges its citizens not to attend religious services, arguing that they are places that transmit the CCP Virus.

Los Angeles County public health officials made express requests to residents to avoid attending religious services. The controversial request goes against the historical tradition of Christians and the founding fathers themselves. 

The request is doubly controversial in the case of Los Angeles, because in addition to violating traditions and individual rights of religious freedom, the request follows court rulings that overturned bans on worship imposed by the Democrats earlier. 

“No matter what a Superior Court judge says, and given what’s happening now, it’s just too risky to meet indoors with other people who don’t live with you,” the Los Angeles County Public Health Department said in a statement on Thursday.

“Now, most unfortunately, is not the time to attend indoor religious services,” health officials continued in the statement. “The County of Los Angeles is in the midst of its highest surge of COVID-19 cases. The local emergency rooms and hospitals are over-capacity. And there are no indications of an end in sight to the current surge.”

Arguments for urging people to lock themselves in their homes and not attend family or religious gatherings during the holiday season are based on an alleged increase in cases of CCP Virus, although the numbers are increasingly dubious and are not considered valid by much of the population.

The reality is that the general political line proposed by the Democrats aims to break with tradition, family values, and belief in God. The excuse of the CCP Virus and the fear they are instilling in society with the complicity of the media, is the perfect excuse to impose their agenda.

Recently Dr. Anthony Fauci, accepted as the most respected health authority by Democrats and leftists, recommended during an interview with The Washington Post, not even to meet with the intimate nucleus of the family to share Christmas. This is a brazen approach that attempts to break with one of the most important Christian tradition. 

He warned that Americans should stay away from their own children during Christmas and assured that he himself will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas alone with his wife. 

On the same note, a month ago, former Vice President Joe Biden issued a series of controversial statements, urging Americans to eliminate “family traditions” on Thanksgiving, claiming that it is “literally our patriotic duty.” 

“This year we are asking Americans to give up so many of the traditions that we have long made on this holiday,” said Biden.

While Democrats call for a break with family and religious traditions, the Trump administration over the past four years has worked tirelessly to reclaim the values of the nation’s founding fathers and break with the globalist foreign threats that attack our healthy ways.

As early as his first proclamation in 2017, President Trump called on Americans to “seek the protection, guidance, and wisdom of God” and recognized the Almighty as the root of the nation’s blessings.

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