Frostproof has become the first U.S. city to declare the first week of February as “Donald Trump Week,” in honor of the former president.

State Rep. Anthony Sabatini announced the proclamation declaring Feb. 1–Feb. 6 as “Donald J. Trump Week” in the town with 3,180 residents, located in Central Florida.

According to Fox News, the proclamation proposed by City of Frostproof Mayor Jon Albert “praised Trump’s accomplishments over his four years in office, and pointed out that he received 76% of the vote in Frostproof during the 2020 election.”

Frostproof residents are sure to be holding a week-long celebration, something to feel good about amidst the doom and gloom of a controversial election result and a raging pandemic caused by the CCP virus.

According to The Hill, Austin Gravley, a member of the Frostproof City Council, told the news station the proclamation is the “first of its kind” and said he was “proud to be a part” of the effort.

The proclamation comes weeks after GOP state representative, Anthony Sabatini, proposed renaming the U.S. Highway 27 in Florida to “President Donald J. Trump Highway.”

Meanwhile, it would appear likely that the former president will not be evicted from Mar-a-Lago, as an agreement he signed in 1993 to change his residence into a private club “did not incorporate a direct prohibition on former President Trump residing at the club, the language in the agreement pertaining only to the members’ use of guest suites.” It only placed restrictions on members’ use of the private accommodation.

Palm Beach town attorney John C. Randolph sent a memorandum, first obtained by The Washington Post,  to Council members that former President Trump should be permitted to live at his club Mar-a-Lago.

Randolph and Trump’s attorney John B. Marion argued that Trump is an employee of the club, so the agreement doesn’t pertain to him, reports The Hill.

“If he is a bona fide employee of the Club, absent a specific restriction prohibiting former President Trump from residing at the Club, it appears the Zoning Code permits him to reside at the Club,” Randolph wrote.

“President Trump is the president of Mar-a-Lago Club LLC (the legal owner of MAL), and as a corporate officer oversees the property,” Marion said. “He is, therefore, a bona fide employee within the express terms of the Town’s Zoning Code.”
Although Trump’s attorney did say in 1993 that Trump would not reside at the club, that wasn’t written into the agreement.