Donald Trump Jr. is calling out liberal mainstream media on their lack of coverage of thug-like antifa violence against a journalist at a right-wing demonstration event.

The attack he is referring to was on Quillette editor Andy Ngo, who—based in Portland, Oregon—was covering a local event planned by Right-wing demonstrators Proud Boys and the Him Too Movement with conservative activist Haley Adams who started the Him Too Movement on June 29.

Trump Jr. wrote an opinion article published by the Daily Caller, in which he wrote on how antifa, “left the gay, 5-foot-5-inch Asian American journalist with a brain hemorrhage that required hospitalization.” 

Nonsensically, the group had chanted “No Hate, No Fear” as they swarmed around and attacked Ngo.

Although Ngo wasn’t the only victim of antifa violence that day, Trump Jr. said the attack on Ngo was “particularly appalling because he was clearly targeted for his work as a journalist who has covered antifa in his published work.”

Journalism Lacking Concord

Trump Jr. then went on to lambast liberal mainstream media for barely covering the attack, saying typically “one would expect the victim’s professional peers” would “promptly come to his defense.”

He said, “Most members of the establishment media, many of them recently exposed as de facto pro-antifa activists … decidedly did not speak out against this criminal attack that was caught on film in broad daylight.”

“Instead, many of the people who consider themselves vocal defenders of “journalistic freedom” remained silent, or even disgustingly implied that Ngo got exactly what he deserved for daring to expose the truth about antifa’s acts of political violence,” Trump Jr. said.

He continued to build further evidence of what is happening with mainstream media’s open and decided shift toward liberalism and even far-left bias by giving an example of a HuffPo writer who worked closely with antifa members, “to dox and harass people they believe are “fascists” under the guise of “journalism.”

HuffPo Writer Bashes Ngo

He said the HuffPo writer leaped onto Twitter to justify Ngo’s beating, perhaps out of annoyance from having his affiliation with antifa be revealed by Quillette.

Then, Trump Jr. gave an example of another writer who bashed Ngo online, while he was down: “another anti-Trump columnist, meanwhile, asserted that Ngo was attacked ‘not because of his race or sexual orientation, but because he’s a Muslim hating fascist who panders to and promotes white supremacists.'” he noted.

“It wasn’t just knee-jerk reactions, either. Journalists and left-wing trolls continued to mock Ngo for days after the attack, making it clear that they don’t think Ngo deserves any sympathy because they disagree with his political views,” Trump Jr. added.

He even condemned the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) for publishing “an all-out hit piece against” Ngo. 

Trump Jr. did not end there. He cited various other examples of widely popular mainstream media sources that you would expect to jump to the defense of freedom of the press being violently violated such as the intentional attack on journalist Ngo.

Trump Junior’s opinion article ended with a strong note, pointing out the behavior of liberal journalists:

“All Americans should be outraged by antifa’s wanton violence against conservatives as reflected in this latest bloody incident purposely targeting a journalist, but none more so than the liberal “journalists” who have been shamelessly complicit in promoting and defending that same violence throughout antifa’s existence.”




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