The American public sees what is going on. The media and the Democrats have been relentless since day one—impeach! Democrats have ignored the problems confronting the country in their constant push to unseat President Trump.

The sole focus of the Congress circus is to prevent the president from a second term of office.
The new round of hearings began on Monday, Dec. 9, with a pro-Trump protester setting the scene, being evicted after he shouted: “Americans are sick of your impeachment sham, they’re sick of the Democrat treason.”



Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) opened proceedings: “President Trump put himself before country.” he said.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) said Democrats are attempting to race through on a “clock and a calendar” in their desperation to impeach the president. “They can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump is the president of the United States, and they don’t have a candidate that can beat him,” Collins said.

Fireworks soon erupted in the hearing, as within the first hour, GOP members became outraged over the attempted character assassination of the president.

Democratic counsel Barry Berke’s evidence was disputed by Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) who accused Berke of violating Rule 17 of the House, which deals with decorum and debate, reported The Hill.

“The witness has used language, which impugns the motives of the president and suggests that he’s disloyal to his country, and those words should be stricken from the record and taken down,” Johnson said. Nadler refused to acknowledge Johnson’s point of order, “the topic of the hearing is the president’s misconduct, so none of us should find it surprising that we are hearing testimony that is critical of the president,” he said.

Johnson then attempted to object to Nadler’s refusal to recognize his motion, “The rules of decorum apply to members of the House, not to witnesses,” he stated.

Members then took a vote on a motion to table a request on Berke, with a party-line yes vote 24-15.

Twenty minutes later, the fireworks erupted when Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) argued that Berke had been classified as a staff member, not a witness; therefore, the rules of decorum should apply. Again, the committee took a vote to table the motion.

It has become clear to the White House that impeachment in the House is inevitable, so the focus has switched to the Senate, where Republicans hold 53 of 100 seats.

To convict the president, the vote required is two-thirds of the Senate. To remove the president from office, Republicans will need to cross the party line, a scenario that is highly unlikely to happen.

“Impeachment Hearing Hoax,” Trump tweeted Sunday.