Dominion voting machines have been used across the United States during the presidential election, and whistleblowers are now coming forward from the software giant.

President Trump was right all along, insisting that “software glitches” had interfered with votes in Michigan and Georgia, and most likely many other states that used the same software. Dominion is used in at least 30 states, including key battlegrounds like Georgia.

Concern has been mounting over the reliability of the voting machines, with “glitches” in the machines leading to votes in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Sydney Powell, a former federal prosecutor and attorney for Gen. Flynn said Americans need to be suspicious of so-called software glitches and claims it is most likely that 3% of the vote was changed digitally. Powell said this needs investigating, reported 100percentfedup.


Attorney for the president Rudy Giuliani spoke on Wednesday, Nov. 11, with Steve Bannon and confirmed that whistleblowers from Dominion have come forward, reported Gateway Pundit.

In the interview Rudy Giuliani said, [David] Coleman has the community people and he’s got the Dominion people. And they were the ones who were the actual, not poll watchers, the actual observers who were excluded, who were lied to, two of whom stayed behind after all the Republicans had left out and they’re the ones who got the evidence of the 100,000 votes coming in. And they have some photographs also.

In a new Morning Consult political poll, 70 percent of Republicans feel the election wasn’t fair, and 78 percent of that group believe mail-in voting led to mass voter fraud. According to 72 percent of the group, they believe the ballots were tampered with.

However, Biden appears to think the election has been certified, with no legal issues outstanding. He has not been committed to addressing voting irregularities.

There have been many reports of voting so-called glitches, as Democrats refer to them, and Gateway Pundit has been covering them for the past week.

Analysis of the data from voters on election night has shown millions of votes were either switched from the president to Biden or appeared to be ‘lost.’ Dominion was one of the main systems used across the country, reported Gateway Pundit.

President Trump sent out a tweet.

Conservative radio host and best-selling author Wayne Allyn Root sent out a tweet.

 Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) tweeted to the governor of Arizona.


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