Several weeks after it became involved in serious election fraud in the United States, the company Dominion Voting Systems updated a statement on its website, defending itself from the accusations. 

However, several videos show not only that it is possible to pass votes from one candidate to another, but one of them shows how 19,958 votes were passed from President Donald Trump to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

In a matter of 32 seconds, the total for President Trump dropped from 1,690,589 to 1,670,631 while the total for Biden rises from 1,252,537 to 1,272,495, in the eyes of all Pennsylvania viewers. 

Although Dominion argues that fact-checkers marked as unfounded the allegations made about the elimination of 2.7 million votes for President Trump, these fact-checkers are described as “leftist activists.”

Also, in another of the videos, Dominion’s former vice president, Dr. Eric Coomer, stated in 2016 that vendors and election officials could manipulate the results, even though the company now says such manipulations are “impossible.” 

Coomer was labeled by the founder of Faith Education Commerce United, Joe Oltmann, as a sociopathic member of the leftist antifa group, which hates President Trump and his followers.

Oltmann also quotes Coomer as saying he would see to it that President Trump lost the presidential election.

“Don’t worry about the election, Trump is not going to win. I’ll make sure of that,” Coomer is quoted as saying by Gateway Pundit.

Again in 2017 Coomer explained to Chicago election officials how to alter the numbers of votes recorded by Dominion’s voting machines.

The video is attached by user @hppyjesusfreak, who also quotes Coomer as saying he will prevent President Trump’s re-election.

“2017 Dr. Eric Coomer explains how to alter the votes in the Dominion voting system. This seems absolutely conducive to fraud,” writes @hppyjesusfreak.

“‘Don’t worry about the election, Trump is not going to win. I’m damn sure of that!’ – Dr. Eric Coomer is the Vice President of Engineering for the US Dominion Voting Company,” added @hppyjesusfreak

The Trump campaign’s legal team in its quest to regain electoral transparency in the United States found that hundreds of thousands of votes have been diverted from the president to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden through the Dominion systems, and millions more votes may have been destroyed.

It appears that Dominion Voting Systems is part of a vast network of international electoral interference, with possible interference from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and Iran, and if true, the suspicions would involve many high-profile American political figures. 

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