Police in Colorado are investigating a reported burglary in a merchandise store in Edgewater, Colorado, of a business owned by “Dog the Bounty Hunter” reality TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman.

He is offering a cash reward for any leads on who burglarized his store, stealing items that belonged to his late wife Beth Chapman.

Chapman told reporters in the Denver suburb of Edgewater on Friday, Aug. 2, that he’ll ask police not to press charges if the person turns himself in, in the next 48 hours, according to The Associated Press.

“The guy has 48 hours to call me and ask for forgiveness,” Chapman said.

A representative for the reality star and bounty hunter told FoxNews that the Bounty Store, which is on a busy street that borders Denver, was burglarized on Thursday, Aug 1.

Not only were thousands of dollars in clothing, and “Dog and Beth” merchandise from their various TV shows stolen but items belonging to the reality star’s late wife, Beth Chapman, were taken as well, according to The Blast.

“The official Dog and Beth merchandise store was robbed on Thursday. Not only did the thieves take thousands of dollars of clothing, these criminals took priceless personal belongings of our beloved Beth, including tributes to her kindly left by our amazing fans. We are working with our friends in law enforcement to find these perpetrators, and are offering a cash reward to anyone who provides information about their identity. To whoever did this, you better watch out. Dog is coming for you,” according to FoxNews.

Public information officer, Edgewater Police Department Cpl. Bob Brink was told that a member of Dog’s team went to the store in Edgewater, Colorado, to handle some business on Thursday and encountered the crime scene, but police were first notified of a break-in on Tuesday around 1 a.m. local time, according to PEOPLE.

Surveillance video of a man suspected in Monday night’s burglary was released by police.

Police Chief John Mackey said the suspect had a large backpack, was in the store for a short amount of time and left without anything in his hands.

Police believe some of the merchandise may be already sold on online.

Brink said earlier on Friday that officers boarded the door after they couldn’t reach anyone affiliated with the business, called “Free as a Bird Bail Bond,” according to The Associated Press.

He also said that police don’t have a list of what is missing. The investigation is still in its early stages.

The business is not open to the public. Employees were still together inventorying what was taken.