Dog the Bounty Hunter, in an interview, was adamant the missing Brian Laundrie has killed Gabby Petito, his fiancé.

“Most of the guys that kill their wives and their family, they hide up for three or four days and then protesters start and the rumors start,” the famous bounty hunter, also known as Duane Chapman, explained his theory to the Sun.

23-year-old Brian Laundrie disappeared from law enforcement’s close watch several days before the remains of his 22-year-old fiance Gabby Petito were found in a national Wyoming park on Sept. 19.

The renowned bounty hunter Dog compared the case to Scott Peterson, a man convicted of murdering his nearly eight-month pregnant wife Laci Peterson and unborn son nine years ago.

“And people are, ‘Well, Scott Peterson if you don’t know where she’s at why aren’t you out there helping?’” said Dog, who volunteered the mission to uncover the fugitive.

Peterson was having an affair before his wife Laci suddenly disappeared. According to ABC News, her body, including his unborn child, was found washed ashore in the San Francisco Bay four months after she was reported missing.

To Chapman, the fact that Chris Laundrie, father of the fugitive, kept to himself for weeks to only participate in the manhunt for his son on Oct. 6 strengthens his suspicion. 

According to the reality hunter star, it “fits the MO of most people that…are guilty of something.”

 “So the people have put up enough pressure where the dad rode around in a golf cart, and showed the cops, what to do,” he said.

Dog believed the timing of the elder Laundrie assisting the searching effort was no coincidence.

“So Chris, the father, went out looking for Brian the son. It’s a little too late. Don’t you think?” the 68-year-old said.

On Oct. 6, the attorney for the Laundrie family confirmed his parents changed the date of the last time they saw their son, which was switched back a day earlier from Sept. 15.

According to CNN, they recounted that Brian was heading for a hike at the vast Carlton Reserve, which experts said could be challenging for him to survive for several weeks there.

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