According to Dog the Bounty Hunter, the Laundrie-Petito couple may have been on a rough path before Petito went missing.

The TV star, whose real name is Duane Chapman, said in an interview with the Sun that 22-year-old Gabby Petito was yelling with Brian Laundrie loud enough that nearby vacationers could hear her.

“I know that she was very verbal because as they were arguing one time, the vacationers around them heard her yelling,” he told the Sun.

Dog further claimed that as Petito became too loud, Laundrie would react by putting his hands on her mouth.

“I know that he calmed her down usually by grabbing her mouth like this because when you grab someone’s mouth like that you know she was verbal,” he said while using his hands to demonstrate what the 23-year-old may have done to his fiance.

It was unclear which conflict between the pair Chapman, who volunteered to join the hunt for now missing Laundrie, was referring.

Yet, there has been at least one incident where bystanders saw the couple getting physical in Moab, Utah on Aug. 12 and contacted local law enforcement.

According to Fox 13, via the 911 call, a witness said they saw Laundrie attacking Petito. The details of the event were then nearly reversed when the Moab police talked to the two.

“RP [reporting party] states a male hit a female. Domestic. He got into a white Ford Transit van. Has a black ladder on the back. Florida plate,” the dispatcher said. 

When the police talked to the pair, a clearly distressed Petito said she was being emotional and admitted she could not control herself with Laundrie. 

“Yeah, I don’t know if some days, I have really bad OCD,” she told officers, according to the body cam. “… I just like, I just, my vibe is, I’m in a bad mood. And, I was just saying I’m sorry if I’m in a bad mood. I just … I had so much work I was doing on my computer this morning.”

Petito only confirmed that Laundrie grabbed her by the face. Her fiance recalled he pushed her as he wanted both to calm down and create a little space.

“I was just trying to, I know I shouldn’t push her. I was just trying to push her away to go, let’s take a minute and step back and breathe and see, she got me with her phone,” he said.

It is known that Laundrie later flew back to his parent’s home in Florida on Aug. 17 and rejoined Petito on Aug. 23. The couple was last seen together on Aug. 27.

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