Newly unsealed documents reveal Planned Parenthood charged nearly $25,000 for aborted baby body parts and maternal blood samples in 2012, according to a report published on Thursday, April 16.

The documents show Planned Parenthood Mar Monte charged the tissue procurement company StemExpress $55.00 per “POC,” or products of conception and $10.00 per sample of blood. Over the course of three months, Planned Parenthood billed StemExpress a total of $24,940, reported Fox News.

In a contract between those two organizations, StemExpress agreed to pay Planned Parenthood only for fetal organs “determined in the clinic to be usable.”

The invoices were unsealed as part of Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit with David Daleiden, the president of Center for Medical Progress. Daleiden recored and released videos of Planned Parenthood employees discussing the illegal trafficking of aborted baby body parts in 2015. Planned Parenthood then denied the allegations, claiming they were only reimbursed to cover procurement costs.

“The federal law against selling aborted fetal organs and tissues in exchange for ‘valuable consideration’ was enacted to prevent monetary incentives to turn children in the womb into a commodity,” Daleiden told Fox News. “The law lays out the unmistakable difference between a researcher reimbursing a clinic for used up PPE, versus StemExpress paying solely for the number of ‘usable’ body parts it could collect and then sell from Planned Parenthood’s abortions.”

“Planned Parenthood and StemExpress’s business relationship—sadly not unique to them—sets quotas for certain types of abortions, treats pregnant women like a cash crop, places a price tag on human beings, and declares that our nation’s children are worth more dead than alive,” he added. 

In November 2019, a federal jury in San Francisco ruled that Daleiden’s undercover videos of Planned Parenthood’s body part trafficking broke state and federal laws, awarding Planned Parenthood $2 million in damages.

Planned Parenthood left the federal family planning program in August after the Trump administration began enforcing a ban on abortion referrals. In October, its super PAC announced a $45 million electoral campaign to defeat President Trump and Republicans in key Senate races. 

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