According to the Washington Times, an illegal alien, who was featured at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) this week attacking President Donald Trump, was previously deported under former President Bill Clinton and was flagged under former President Barack Obama’s administration.

Alejandra Juarez illegally entered the United States in 1998 but was caught at the border and sent back to Mexico. She quickly made a second attempt and succeeded, this time she remained in the shadows until she was spotted at a traffic stop in 2013.

The Washington Times reported:

Experts said an Obama-era initiative expanding the use of local police fingerprint checks to aid deportations likely flagged Mrs. Juarez for ICE.

At that point, the Obama Homeland Security Department had a choice. It could have shown leniency but instead reinstated her deportation order from 1998, putting her on the path to deportation that the Trump Homeland Security Department carried out in 2018.

“It wasn’t Trump that went out and found this woman. It was Biden,” Andrew R. “Art” Arthur, a former immigration judge who now is a senior fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, told the Times.

The DNC highlighted 11-year-old Estela, Juarez’s daughter, in a Wednesday video as she read an emotional letter blaming President Trump for ripping her family apart.

“My mom worked hard and paid taxes and the Obama administration told her she could stay. My dad thought you would protect military families, so he voted for you in 2016, Mr. President. He says he won’t vote for you again after what you did to our family.

Instead of protecting us, you tore our world apart,” Estella said in the video. “Now, my mom is gone, and she’s been taken from us for no reason at all. Every day that passes, you deport more moms and dads and take them away from kids like me,” she added.

“You separated thousands of children from their parents, and you put them in cages. Some of those kids are now orphans because of you,” she said.

The DNC video also misrepresented comments that the president made on different occasions to make it seem as though he was talking about illegal aliens such as “we will begin moving them out day one,” and “These aren’t people,” adding, “They’re animals.”

In fact, the president referred to violent criminals like the hyper-violent MS-13 street gang, the Washington Times noted.

President Trump’s immigration policies have been a central focus for Democrats to attack him during his presidency.

They repeatedly criticized the president for using “cages” to house migrant children at the U.S.–Mexico border but ignore that those cages were built and used in the Obama administration for the same purpose of holding migrant children temporarily.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama also used this claim during her DNC speech this week.

She later was corrected by The Associated Press.