Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler on July 14 attacked the Feds on Twitter, saying he does not need or want their help in solving the city’s wave of violence.

The mayor of Portland targeted the Department of Homeland Security via Twitter, inviting federal agents to “stay in” or “leave” the city. The mayor said the argument is based on his concern about the alleged violence federal agents brought to the city in recent days, and the “potentially deadly tactics they use.” 

Since May 25, after George Floyd’s death in a confusing episode in police custody, there have been demonstrations across the country that have escalated into violence that, to this day, affects many urban centers.

The city of Portland was one of the hardest hit from the start and chaos took over the streets. According to Fox News, the city’s businesses reported losses of more than $23 million due to looting and material damage caused by violent groups.

Some local activists have opposed the presence of feds in the city, making them the target of many protests, leading protesters to destroy and attack federal property and cellphones. 

Last weekend, in one of the many violent acts affecting the city at night, members of the federal police arrested a 23-year-old man accused of hitting one of the agents over the head with a hammer. According to the testimonies, the young man was caught breaking the door of a building with the hammer, for this reason the police decided to arrest him and in the attempt the young man had violently beaten one of the agents. 

The local police are also immersed in the conflicts trying to calm the disturbances. On their official Twitter account, images and videos of the demonstrations and clashes can be seen constantly, where they manage to show how they are attacked by the demonstrators and how they often disobey the orders given by the officers. Recently, the police have shared images of projectiles thrown at them and weapons taken. 

A few days ago, the local police expressed their concern about the situation in a press release. “This is the second time in a day a riot was declared in Downtown Portland due to the activities of many that put other’s lives at risk; this is unacceptable” said Chief Chuck Lovell. 

Meanwhile, Mayor Ted Wheeler has been the focus of strong criticism for showing concern for the cleanliness and orderliness of the city, rather than taking concrete steps to help slow the escalation of violence.