Children’s entertainment giant Disney will not back down from its stance in support of the LGBTQ movement, despite the recent “Parental Rights in Education Act,” also known as “Don’t Say Gay,” signed into law on March 28 by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Without considering losing viewership, Disney released “Better Nate Than Ever” starring Rueby Wood as Nate, a 13-year-old boy who travels to New York City with the dream of winning a role in a Broadway play. 

Although, it appears to be an innocent story for the whole family, the boy shows his sexual orientation in several scenes. For example, he carries a rainbow-colored rabbit’s foot in his backpack. He also repeats from memory a monologue from a 1986 episode of “Designing Women,” according to The New York Times.

Tim Federle, the writer and director of the film, which opened on April 1, said that with the new production he was “trying to get back to what was authentic to his 13 years” […] “My dream was to do Cats on Broadway. And I was discovering my identity. I was thinking, ‘I bet I’ll grow up and become gay.’ So, I wanted to include that in this movie, to bring the character to life,'” according to a Variety interview during the film’s premiere.

The director also demonstrated Disney’s stance on the law and “Parental Rights in Education” by arguing that the media conglomerate had already approved his previous series “High School Musical” which showed the first same-sex kiss.

On the other hand, 15-year-old actor Rueby Wood, who played “Nate,” showed up to the premiere gala wearing a black dress with a green tulle skirt, a colorful necklace, a fruitcake ring, and long, colorful fake nails. 

The film premiered days after the passage of the Parental Rights in Education Bill, which prohibits schools from discussing gender identity with their children without their knowledge.
DeSantis, the bill’s sponsor, told a press conference that parents send their children to “learn the basics. But that some of the topics they teach “just aren’t age-appropriate, I think parents want to have protection on that.”

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