More than five months have passed since the riot at the Capitol on January 6, which allegedly was incited by former president Donald Trump’s “not concede” slogan to challenge the 2020 election outcome that he and his supporters believe was rigged, questions on the FBI’s tainted involvement is gaining more traction.

Converse to the narrative that Trump’s rallygoers forcefully broke into the Capitol building, there have been claims that the police was doing very little to stop them from entering the facility, at some points even INVITED them in.

This, of course, came with evidence to contradict the accusations; American Greatness on May 16 released footage of a group of pro-Trump protesters telling each other to stay peaceful, whereas a Capitol officer was heard saying, “We’re not against … you need to show us … no attacking, no assault, remain calm.”

The feeble security was discussed in front of Congress by a group of bipartisan Senators earlier this month, which derided not only the lax attitude of Capitol police and federal agencies but also the intelligence operations, which somewhat ignored the obvious scheme of an imminent breach on January 6. 

The report cited multiple fragments of alleged Trump supporters planning on more than mere peaceful protest at the Capitol days before the event, but the intelligence agencies took them for granted.

“DHS I&A never produced an intelligence product, bulletin, or warning specific to the January 6 Joint Session of Congress,” read the report. “One I&A official informed the Committees that he was “not aware of any known direct threat to the Capitol before January 6,” despite many online posts mentioning violence.”

“When asked how I&A did not identify any of the social media posts calling for attacking the Capitol prior to January 6, one DHS I&A official cautioned that social media is “nuanced” and that it can be difficult to distinguish between mere rhetoric and overt threats.”

Was it really the only reason why security measurements on the Insurrection day were too conveniently easy? 

Revolver News suspected that the chaos was not just a surprise blow to the Capitol, it was expected to happen, and the FBI may have had their own preparation. 

“If it turns out that the federal government (FBI, Army Counterintelligence, or a similar agency) had undercover agents or confidential informants embedded in any of the groups involved in 1/6,” the news outlet speculated. “The “federal intelligence agencies failing to warn of a potential for violence” looks less like an innocent mistake and more like something sinister.”

Recent court decisions on the so-called co-conspirators relating to the event add even more grounds to back the notion of the FBI’s unclean trace. 

Revolver News noted that while many of the individuals who strolled the Capitol peacefully were “being held in prison, without bail, under harsh conditions,” some “co-conspirators” that belonged to the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, and the Three Percenters were unindicted.

Taking on the clues, the outlet projected that it was “a monumental entrapment scheme” to “frame the entire MAGA movement as potential domestic terrorists.”

GateWay Pundit joined the conversation and reminded of a video they released in late March, which was undeniable proof that the FBI and DHS indeed tried to recruit members of the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys before the Jan. 6 protests to spy and infiltrate them. 

The video included a surveillance tape of the FBI showing up in front of an Oath Keeper member’s house to try and make a deal with him. The individual was able to record the actual meetup also. The full content of the entire episode is published on

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