Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich denounced the “devastating impact” that President Joe Biden’s open-borders immigration policy has on the environment.

The state is suing the Biden administration in a third lawsuit it has issued against the administration. It stopped the construction of the border wall initiated by the then president, Donald Trump, and allowed the massive invasion of illegal immigrants through Mexico’s border, Newsmax reported on April 12.    

“In this lawsuit, we allege the Biden administration is violating the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), what the left uses to stop highway projects, airport reconstruction, and all that other stuff,” Brnovich explained. 

Brnovich also projects that the consequences of the massive influx of people will further affect the state’s environmental stability in the future.

 He also charged that the Biden administration had failed to conduct studies on the environmental impact of such overflow immigration, noting that this was “in violation of federal environmental law.”

To illustrate what could become an environmental crisis, he alluded to the amounts of waste that immigrants left behind as they passed through the state. 

“Anywhere else, if someone said there are 170,000 people leaving each 7 pounds of trash, I’m not a math whiz (but that is) a million pounds of trash in one month. You’d think the people’s heads would explode [upon becoming aware of it],” Brnovich said. 

No less troubling is Vice President Kamala Harris’s failure to take responsibility for the immigration crisis several weeks after being assigned to deal with the disaster. 

He called her absence “very disappointing,” even more so after inviting Harris to the state to fulfill her assigned role in a letter.   

“I pointed out in the letter that both of us are first-generation American products of immigration, and are both AGs,” Brnovich said, adding, “I talked about the importance of fighting human trafficking and drug trafficking.”

He also wrote to Harris that “all of us know, whether we are Democrat or Republican, that the cartels make money off every single person crossing that border. We know they are using it right now to dramatically increase fentanyl, coke, heroin.”

The impact of the Democrats’ leftist immigration policy put in place by Biden impacts not only the environment but also other aspects considered even more serious, as also denounced by Florida Republican legislator Kat Cammack, who criticized Biden on Fox News, calling him a “trafficker-in-chief.”

“There’s a better way to do this. It’s what the Trump Administration was doing,” Cammack said. “It was the most humane, compassionate, and normal way for putting Americans first, our national security first,” she said in an interview published last week. 

“Just 24 hours ago I was there in Mission, Texas. I saw firsthand young girls under the age of 10 that had been gang-raped,” she described.

“They had been screaming so loud that their vocal cords had given out. This is a humanitarian crisis. I can’t even in good conscience call President Biden president. I have to call him ‘trafficker-in-chief’ because these kids are being trafficked.”

“… and the fact that my Democrat colleagues won’t even call this … a crisis. They call it anything but, it’s a challenge, a situation,” she continued. ‘It’s not an emergency in their book. It’s a situation.'”

“When you have 20,000 children in custody, and the border patrol agents are stretched thin to the max, and we’re watching cartel members taunt our border patrol agents as they’re sending these children under six years old across the river by themselves, this is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions,” Cammack stressed.