Late on Monday, according to FoxNews, NewYork became the 13th state in the United States to allow illegal aliens to obtain a driver’s license. In spite of objections by a majority of NY citizens, the Democrat-led State Senate, in a close vote passed the Green Light bill that was quickly signed into law by Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The Fox 5 News Anchor Team in NYC said “Undocumented Immigrants will be getting access to driving licenses in New York. So Gov. Cuomo signed the controversial measure after it passed the legislature but not before he expressed concern about it. Obviously he was not looking at the polls because the polls said most New Yorkers were not in favor of this.”

Reporter Kayla Mamelak, said, “Fifty three percent of New Yorkers were opposed to this legislation. This bill goes into affect in 180 days. What that means is come this December, undocumented immigrants can stop by a DMV and apply for a drivers license. Now this is something that a lot of Democrats have been fighting for, for quite sometime now but just because they have control over the state Legislature doesn’t mean this was an easy law to push through.”||2320f350a__

Initially, Gov. Cuomo supported the measure with reservations about how U.S. immigration officials might use state driver’s license data to target illegals for deportation, requested assurance from Attorney General Letitia James, and once he was sure the bill would not assist federal enforcement agents, he signed the bill into law.

Gov. Cuomo said, “Is that law legal in prohibiting the federal government from accessing the data base, and actually using the data to target undocumented people would be the greatest government foul up in history.”

Reporter Mamelak said, “But Attorney General Letitia James later released a statement saying the legislation is well crafted and contains ample protection for those who apply for driver’s licenses.”

Advocates claim improved safety and increased revenue while opponents said the measure would discourage those who follow the rules, reward people who violate federal immigration laws, and possibly lead to voter fraud if immigrants use their licenses to register to vote.

Republican State Sen. James N. Tedisco said, “If you give those people who come through the process illegally, the rights, the freedoms, and the privileges of becoming a citizen and those people waiting in line to become a citizen, when they see that happening, they are going to say to themselves, why should I go through that (legal immigration) process.”

Includes reporting from FoxNews.