President Trump signed four executive actions on Saturday to provide relief to Americans struggling with the economic consequences of the CCP virus pandemic’s economic consequences while accusing Democrats of hampering relief efforts.

One of the four orders regulates the payment of extraordinary unemployment assistance, which will now be $400 instead of $600.

After 11 meetings in Congress without an agreement, President Trump announced at a press conference Saturday that he had decided to sign a series of executive orders to provide additional financial support to Americans affected by the pandemic.

Among the signed orders is one of the most eagerly awaited resolutions. It announces that an additional $400 per week will be provided to the tens of millions of people left unemployed during the health crisis. This is $200 less than what was approved when the pandemic began and was paid until last week. Although added to the other unemployment benefits, they will now average $708 per week between state and federal aid.

For the new $400-a-week benefit, states would be committed to funding 25 percent of the total. In comparison, President Trump said the federal government would cover 75 percent of the benefit for the millions of unemployed Americans.

When asked when the unemployed would see the money, he said it would be “distributed quickly.” The $400 increase is more than many Republicans in Congress wanted. Some opposed any extension of federal aid, while others supported an increase of no more than $200 per week.

Meanwhile, Democrats had been fighting for the full $600 per week extension, which is in addition to state unemployment benefits.

Both Republicans and many employers had argued that the $600 aid was a disincentive for unemployed Americans to try to return to work. In many cases, it meant more income than they received when they were still employed.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senator Charles Schumer said in a joint statement Saturday, “Today’s meager announcements by the president show that President Trump still does not understand the severity or urgency of the economic and health crises facing working families.”

Fox News reported Messages of criticism from the opposition were unclear, especially since the Republicans have been trying to unravel the issue in Congress for some time without the support of the Democratic bloc.

Many governors disagreed with President Trump’s measure, mainly arguing that many states are broke and will not take over even 25 percent of the contribution as the White House order indicates.

Others like Chuck Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, showed their support for the measures: “I applaud @realDonaldTrump executive actions to help the American people. Democrats all or nothing strategy jeopardizes the certainty Americans need to pay their bills. President Trump puts the American ppl first compared to nonstop political games by Democrats.”

The HEROES Act is the 3 billion dollar proposal presented by the Democrats to head off the economic problems caused by the CCP virus. The Republicans considered it unviable without finding any possibility of negotiation from the other side.

President Trump criticized the Democrats’ HEROES Act as a “radical leftist policy” that includes bailing out states for pre-pandemic economic problems, sending stimulus assistance to undocumented immigrants, and funding mail ballots and other electoral provisions.