Does the government have the right to forcibly vaccinate the population against the CCP Virus (coronavirus) if and when a vaccine becomes available? According to Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz, the answer is “yes.”

Speaking to Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Dershowitz discussed the constitutionality of forcibly vaccinating the public against the virus. Carlson asked Dershowitz if the government has a right to “endanger you, by forcing you to take the vaccination.”

“The Supreme Court has said yes, and if the case came to the Supreme Court today, they would say yes, it would either be 9-0 or 8-1,” Dershowitz said. “It is not a debatable issue constitutionally. Look, they have a right to draft you and put your life in danger to help the country. The police power of the state is very considerable.”

Dershowitz agreed with the “moral argument” that unless the vaccine is proven very safe, vaccinating the public with it on the chance it may help other people would appear to be not right.

“If the vaccine is extremely safe, then the state does have the right to tell you to take it,” he said. “Vaccines work on a theory of mass inoculation. You’re not taking it to help yourself. If there were a vaccine developed for cancer or a heart condition,” Dershowitz added,” obviously you and I would have a right to say no, we have the right to die.”

The prominent civil libertarian added if people refuse to have the vaccine if it becomes available, they may be forced into quarantine, as no one should be allowed to, “circulate in society without being vaccinated.”

“I don’t believe you have a right to be Typhoid Mary and spread it,” said Dershowitz.

On May 15, President Trump launched “Operation Warp Speed,” speaking from the Rose Garden at the White House. This involves a partnership between the military, the private sector, and the Department of Health and Human Services HHS, in an endeavor to produce a vaccine against the CCP Virus in as short a time as possible.

So far there are 14 candidates from around the world looking to produce the vaccine, as the number of deaths in the United States nears 90,000.

The president said it doesn’t matter where the breakthrough for the vaccine comes from. “We have no ego,” said the president, adding that wherever the breakthrough comes from will be fully supported by the United States. The president hopes to have 100 million vaccine doses by fall.

President Trump is looking at making the vaccine free, should it become available. Steps have been taken across the country as many states begin to open up.

“Other things have never had a vaccine, and they go away,” said the president, and he won’t let America becoming open again to depend on the discovery of a vaccine.

Vaccine or no vaccine, America needs to get back to business, he said.