In downtown Denver, Colorado, recently, a group of antifa protestors harassed and attacked guests of the Colorado Christian University Centennial Institute’s Western Conservative Summit.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, Victor Davis Hanson, Brandon Tatum, Andy Ngo, and Ken Buck were among the guest speakers at the event on Friday, June 18, the Gateway Pundit reported.

DC Examiner’s Emily Brooks and The Blaze’s Elijah Schaffer were among those covering the activity outside the hotel.

In a video recorded by The Blaze’s Elijah Schaffer and shared by freelance journalist Andy Ngo, a protester pushes a guy walking to the Western Conservative Summit. 

“F*** you,” the antifa protester says. 

“You want some? You want some?” he said as he shoved the attendee. “You better back your a** up.”

“Back inside, loser,” another person can be heard shouting constantly off-camera. 

“Your man came over and f***** with him,” a third man said, defending the shoving. “Watch your man and shut the f*** up,” He said to a conference attendee who was attempting to handle the situation.

A man named Leonne told the Washington Examiner that he was “first and foremost” protesting “that a place like this,” the Hyatt in downtown Denver, “lets a conference like this happen, that accepts money from these sorts of people.” The man, somewhere between 20 and 40 years old, did not give his last name.

“They’re known Nazi sympathizers. They sit at the tables with people like Proud Boys,” Leonne said.

Another member of the group, who also did not want to be identified, said, “This is called ‘Frontier Freedom,’ but y’all are on stolen indigenous land. And it’s on Juneteenth, and I particularly find that distasteful.”

At one point one antifa member can be heard chanting “Fascists run, fascists hide, Lauren Boebert stay inside”:

At another point, a brawl broke out after an outsider began filming the protestors and one man knocked his phone out of his hand, as reported by Emily Brooks of Washington Examiner.

When Washington Examiner writer Tiana Lowe attempted to film the event, members of the group fired green and white lasers at her, intended to make her retinas burned and her phone camera broken.

At the event, antifa members also harassed cars, hurling bottles at one woman’s vehicle:

Even random hotel visitors were subjected to taunts:

Later that evening, around ten Denver police officers dressed in riot gear alternated between standing inside the conference hotel and confronting the protesters.

Some antifa members shouted at the police.

The demonstrators were reportedly coordinated using a Facebook event page, and fliers were distributed across the neighborhood.

“We want to send these worms back into their holes, demoralized and isolated,” read a brochure handed at the event by the Denver Communists.

 According to the Facebook event page, the event, called “Western BLM-Antifa Summit,” will be hosted at the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center Saturday, June 19, by the Denver Communists Anti-Repression Colorado and several others.

According to the event’s synopsis, there would be “two days of fiercely jubilant opposition to the Western Conservative Summit,” which it describes as a “far-right gathering” and a “breeding ground of fascist networking & propanganda.”

The event clearly proclaims, “We must fight fascism now or we are doomed to fight a stronger version of it in the future!” and invites “additional partners … to get involved.”

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