President Trump’s speech at Mount Rushmore for the Fourth of July commemoration was rated by Tucker Carlson as “probably the single best speech” he has ever given.

Carlson, the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, had nothing but praise for the president’s speech on his Monday segment.

“It was a road map for his re-election message, but more than that, for the country itself. ‘Equality, decency, pride in our nation.’ Those were the themes,” Carlson said of Trump’s powerful speech, reported BPR.

In contrast, he condemned the media’s “hate” tirade that was predictable after the president’s speech. He sent out a warning that Democrats are trying to erode America with hate and gain control. “Naturally, the liars on television deeply hated every word of it,” he said.

“These people are liars. They’re the same people who spent the last month telling you that the riots you saw live on television were actually peaceful protests against racism. That was a lie. They knew it was a lie when they said it, but they said it anyway in order to undermine a country that they hate,” Carlson added. “America deserves to be in flames. That is their view. And this weekend, they said it essentially out loud.”

Carlson cited a Washington Post article that declared the president’s “unyielding push to preserve Confederate symbols and the legacy of white domination crystallized by his harsh denunciation of the racial justice movement Friday night at Mount Rushmore has unnerved Republicans who have long enabled him.”

Democratic nominee Joe Biden used his own Fourth of July message to Americans to unleash a “full-throated attack on the United States,” as he spoke about systemic racism in America, said Carlson.

“But in the face of all of this, the conclusion can’t be avoided. These people actually hate America. There’s no longer a question about that. And yet paradoxically at the same time, they desperately want to control America more than anything,” he commented, reported BPR.

“And that leads to the most basic of all questions, can you really lead a country that you hate? Ask yourself what kind of parent would you be if you hated your children? What kind of officer would you make if you didn’t care about your troops?” the Fox News host added and answered his question: “It would be awful. The results would be ugly. It would not work.”

“Loving the people you lead, caring deeply about them is the most basic prerequisite of leadership. The leaders of today’s Democratic Party do not. They despise this country. They have said so. They continue to. That is shocking, but it is also disqualifying,” Carlson concluded. “We cannot let them run this nation because they hate it. Imagine what they would do to it.”