The Biden administration is working with Democrats in Congress to allow intelligence agencies to treat Trump supporters the same way terrorists are treated, Sebastian Gorka, a former member of the National Security Education Board, told Breitbart.

“The Biden administration is working with the Senate and House intelligence committees to make amendments to an executive order from the 1980s—it’s called 12333—to permit the NSA and the CIA to target U.S. citizens as domestic terror threat,” Mr. Gorka said.

Last week, Biden’s defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, ordered a 60-day shutdown across the military to “address white nationalism” in the ranks and rid the military of “extremists and racists.”

According to Gorka, the defense secretary seeks to ensure that the military obeys the government’s new leftist agenda through this action. Those who don’t will be kicked out, clearing the way to go after conservatives.

“This is their attempt to criminalize being a conservative. “When [Lloyd Austin] was in his Senate hearing for confirmation, he said, and I quote directly, that we have ‘enemies‘ in the armed forces of America,” claimed the former official.

And added: “The word ‘enemy’ is what you use for somebody you’re going to destroy, you’re going to shoot, you’re going to blow up. He’s talking about enemies in the Army, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, the Navy, the Coast Guard. That’s the person who’s in charge of the DOD right now.”

After four years of sleeping, ‘justice’ wakes up overnight

Noel Fritsch, a Trump supporter, told how the FBI showed up at his home and harassed his pregnant wife, claiming he had participated in the Jan. 6 riots on Capitol Hill, although he denied having been there.

Mr. Fritsch is not alone. FBI agents visited many people who were identified as Trump supporters that were in Washington DC on the day of the incidents.

“This is not a theory. This is happening right now. … I am having reported to me by the most reliable sources that women [and] mothers are having the FBI knock on their doors because they were at the march on January 6. Not inside Congress, not inside the building, not walking through the velvet ropes to Nancy [Pelosi’s] podium, but simply at the Trump rally. The FBI had tracked them down using the mobile phone positioning data of these individuals.”

Curiously, in Trump’s four years as president, despite extensive evidence that the Obama administration—Joe Biden included—used corrupt Democratic officials within the FBI and Justice Department to weaponize the phony “Russia collusion” that led to the failed impeachment attempt against Trump, the agency produced no arrests or significant prosecutions.

Former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI agent Peter Strzok, former FBI lawyer Lisa Paige, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe all of these former officials who attempted to illegally impeach Trump remain free and other than being subpoenaed to testify, had no significant issues.

However, in less than 24 hours, FBI agents began showing up at the homes of those Trump supporters who did and did not attend the Jan. 6 march.

“What they’re doing on Capitol Hill, right now, in closed session, they’re trying to expand—legally—the warrantless surveillance of U.S. citizens by the NSA and the CIA to target Trump supporters as a made-up threat to America,” said Gorka, who has extensive experience in national security.

“They want to label you as a domestic threat so that anybody who disagrees with the left will be targeted as a terrorist,” the former Trump advisor concluded.

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