Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.), believes that Democrats plan to take advantage of the H.R.1 law they call For the People, for their own political gain.

“If you like the way Democrats are handling border security, just wait until they get their hands on election security,” he said according to the March 24 Washington News Post.  

He added, “This so-called For the People act is another misnamed act here in Washington—it should be called ‘For the Politicians’ because what it does — it allows Democrats, to federalize our election system,” Hagerty said.

He also explained the implications the controversial law would have on the U.S. electoral system. 

“The Constitution is very clear in Article II Section 1, that state legislatures have the sole responsibility for setting the election laws,” he continued. 

“What happens in this bill, they want to take all of that away through an absolute power grab by incentivizing dangerous behavior: Internet registration, no photo ID requirement, automatic felon voting. One of the things that concerns me the most is the ability for people to ballot harvest,” Hagerty warned. 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) denounced the Democrats’ plan to take over all elections in the country in perpetuity using the controversial H.R.1 bill, if passed, among other legislative maneuvers for their own benefit.

“They want to change the system to benefit themselves, and they want, instead of a referee, the FEC [Federal Election Commission] to be a prosecutor,” McConnell said on the “Ruthless” podcast on March 23. 

McConnell also addressed the Democrats’ strategy to add other states to the union in an attempt to increase their power, and efforts to eliminate legislative filibustering, which would make it easier for them to impose their progressive agenda without Republican intervention. 

“So this is about nothing other than trying to help the Democrats win elections in perpetuity,” he reiterated.

He added, “It’s to take control of the FEC to make it a prosecutor. It’s to provide public financing for elections. It’s to provide same-day registration, which I just saw in a poll that says something like 81 percent of Americans are concerned that something like this will lead to voter fraud.”

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