The Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been compromised. There is no way he will become president of the United States, said the founder and executive chairman of the Center for Security Policy.

Frank Gaffney, the host of “Securing America” on America’s Voice, said, “I’m convinced Joe Biden won’t be president of the United States.”

“Even if he’s elected, I can’t conceive of the party actually allowing him anywhere near the Oval Office,” he told Alex Marlow on Wednesday’s edition of Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily.

Recent allegations have surfaced about Hunter Biden’s foreign financial deals involving Joe Biden and other family members. Also, Hunter’s hard drive featuring photos, texts, and videos, shows his involvement with underage girls, Gaffney said, putting his father, Joe Biden, in a compromised situation.

“If anybody in the federal government—or for that matter any federal contractor—had this kind of information in their background, whether it was their family members or they themselves were implicated, directly or indirectly, they couldn’t get a clearance to handle classified information, let alone be the commander-in-chief of the United States,” he said.

“There are too many vulnerabilities there that would enable a hostile foreign power, let alone ones that have been directly involved in the transaction, for heaven’s sakes,” Gaffney added.

Joe Biden presents an unacceptable level of risk to classified information, he added.

Gaffney remarked, “[Joe Biden] would almost certainly be forced—if not willingly, likely—to compromise [classified information].”

He continued, “What we’ve learned about the conduct of the FBI—not everybody in it, obviously—but people in leadership positions over the past four years and beyond suggest that the fact that the FBI office in Delaware had this laptop for months and months and months, and did nothing with it, suggests to me that somebody in that office who actually opined to the owner of the shop that got the laptop from Hunter Biden to repair it that he should just keep his head down basically and not say anything about this.”

Information as damning as this should have been released much earlier, and Gaffney said there must be parts of the FBI involved in withholding the information for political gain.

“This suggests to me that this particular [FBI] office, like others in the bureau during a particular previous administration—tipped the Bidens off,” said Gaffney.

He added, “The American people should have known, should have known long before now.”

Joe Biden, said Gaffney, is open to blackmail and extortion by enemies of the United States, especially over his business dealings with Ukraine and China.

“We’re dealing with people who make it their business to use information they obtain—often illegally—about an individual against them for blackmail, for coercion, for extortion, for manipulation,” Gaffney explained. “That’s true of people who they’re collecting information about in the hoi palloi,” he added, noting the CCP surveillance using digital services such as TikTok.

Gaffney continued, “What could possibly go wrong? These are people who will use this kind of information against any of us, and why I think the president is so right to be trying to stop their access to such personal data and information, and it’s got to start right at the top.”

“I certainly believe there will be grounds for disqualifying him [Joe Biden] from serving—should he be elected—in the contents of this hard drive,” determined Gaffney.

Gaffney also commented on Joe Biden’s declining cognition and his lack of drive and energy to do what is required in the top job successfully.

“You have an individual who is simply not ‘compos mentis,’ as they say, to be in a position that has the demands of this job and requires that energy and wit to perform it to the benefit of the American people, rather than being a total liability,” Gaffney stated.

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