The lack of funding for the police promoted by Democratic politicians has led to a sharp increase in crime in the United States, according to the analysis of renowned political commentator, author, and columnist Tucker Carlson.

In addition, Carlson exposed the strong contrast between the security systems available to those who undermine the security budget and the lack of protection they subject the most vulnerable populations to, according to his article on Fox News on July 14.

On the one hand, he describes the idyllic place where the Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), grew up, Yorktown Heights, located 45 miles from the metropolis and where the houses of millionaires abound and are gated.

Another of the characteristics of this environment is that its population is 90% white and the average income of its inhabitants is double the average of the country, the abundance is such that they do not need an independent security force.

Thus, with this background Ocasio-Cortez, whom Carlson calls “one of the most privileged revolutionaries in the country,” projects a security system that results in a sharp increase in killings in several places in the country, which are completely different from the idyllic suburb where she grew up.

Carlson cited the city of Milwaukee, where homicides have increased by nearly 40 percent in the first half of this year, and St. Louis and Baltimore, cities rated more violent than El Salvador, in Central America.

In Chicago, 64 people were shot and 11 of them died for lack of police, during the past weekend.

Also, shootings in New York increased 200 percent from the same period last year. Murders increased 21 percent and robberies 30 percent.

These results accompany the elimination of plainclothes policing and the underfunding of police by $1 billion.

Mayor Bill de Blasio continues with his policy of weakening the police force, thus canceling the projected hiring of 1,000 police officers.

For Carlson, the Democratic politicians who promote these contradictory measures will not suffer the consequences, because they will continue to be strongly protected by the guards paid by the taxpayers.

This trend toward reducing the size of the police force, promoted by the Democrats, and because of the alleged excessive use of force by the police, has caused the widespread rejection.

President Donald Trump affirmed his support for the police, also recalling the good services they have rendered.

“I say 99.9%, but we go with 99% of them are great, great people. And they’ve done jobs that are record-breaking,” President Trump said on June 8 in a meeting with law enforcement officials at the White House, according to ABC News.

According to the White House, President Trump is reviewing certain aspects of criminal justice but said communities cannot allow the movement to reduce funding and jeopardize overall public safety.