Former Democratic President Bill Clinton, accused of sexual misconduct, alternated at the Democratic National Convention with women from the “MeToo” movement, which seeks national recognition of sexual misconduct.

Writer Erin Ryan highlighted Clinton’s past involvement in sex scandals with young, female, White House employees and apparently the sex crimes against children perpetrated in the residences of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, with whom Clinton was friends.

“I’m still appalled by the way the Clintons, many of their contemporary Democrats, and a largely sycophantic press treated Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones. Clinton has also spent a suspicious amount of time palling around with Jeffrey Epstein …,” Ryan said in the Daily Beast on Aug. 16.

Meanwhile, Sen. Tammy Duckworth’s (D-Ill.) justification for this mix of opposing characters at the convention was, “The Democratic Party is a big tent and all kinds of people fit under it,” referred to by Fox News political analyst Brit Hume.

“It may be a big tent, but aren’t we supposed to be in the middle of a #MeToo movement where sexual predatory politicians are supposed to be taboo?” questioned Hume, quoted by Fox News.

Hume also alluded to the fact that in 2016, Bill Clinton had intervened in the candidacy of his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but … the MeToo movement has since exploded and looks like it’s going to be suspended tonight.”

Another point that gave Ryan cause for concern was that the Democrats still do not understand the inconvenience of giving Bill Clinton preference over other aspects that should be taken care of.

“Giving Clinton a long leash while only allotting 60 seconds to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows how far they have to go to understand the coalition they need to actually win,” Ryan said, insisting that Democrats should pay more attention to women and young people.

The Federalist Culture editor Emily Jashinsky, also contributed to the incongruent presence of Bill Clinton and MeToo women’s advocates.

For Jashinsky, that meeting at the Democratic convention would show “evidence that the Democratic establishment’s bluster about Me Too was more about political expediency than women.”

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