Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was booed and cursed Wednesday, July 23, amid the city’s unrest, according to Fox News.

Wheeler voluntarily went to the Hatfield courthouse to “listen” to the violent protesters, reaffirming his position of support for the violent demonstrations, and allowing the riots and rejecting President Trump’s proposed federal aid to restore law and order in the city.

According to The Oregonian as of July 7, the estimated cost of the riots is $300,000 and $4.8 million in property damage to businesses.

While some protesters were receptive to the presence of the mayor, who is also the police commissioner, most booed and insulted him for not giving in to their demand to abolish the police and stop using tear gas and other methods usually used to repel riots.

At some point, someone yelled, “fascist” while others sang, “Tear gas Ted has to go.” At one point, Wheeler refused to give in to the demand to abolish the Portland police, so he was booed again and threatened, “Your house is next.”

A reporter at the scene managed to film two instances:

Here you can see Ted Wheeler suffering the effects of tear gas. The reporter added that other protesters threw three bottles and other objects at Wheeler.

Some Twitter users questioned whether what the mayor did was a political stunt to show solidarity with the protesters and gain their sympathy, which clearly did not have the desired effect.

As the tension escalated, and with protesters shouting in his face, the mayor had to be escorted by his security team into a building. Once inside, Wheeler gestured to the protesters with his hands as if to say, “What’s wrong with you?”

Perhaps the mayor never understood that the protesters want to take over the city.


In Minneapolis where it all began with the unjustified death of George Floyd, Mayor Jacob Frey, (D), was also cursed and booed by the Black Lives Matter group when he refused to agree to the idea of completely abolishing the police.

While he accepted the existence of “systemic racism,” and that police practices must be changed, he said he “does not support the complete abolition of the Minneapolis Police Department.” As soon as he finished saying those words, he had to leave the scene.

New York

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is already known for his radical positions and has also supported violent movements, looting, and riots by calling them peaceful protests.

At a June 4 rally in Brooklyn, the mayor stepped up to the podium to say a few words. As soon as he spoke, one can see from the New York Post video and photo that the crowd shouted over his speech, and many turned their backs on him. De Blasio disappeared from the podium almost immediately.

President Trump steps in

As crime has skyrocketed in these Democrat-run cities, including Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, Portland, their leaders have rejected the president’s federal aid. Despite that, the president yesterday announced he would be sending troops to Portland and Albuquerque to deal with the riots.

Maxine Waters, a California congresswoman, in an interview with MSNBC, suggested that the sending of federal troops to deal with the riots is a plot by the president to stay in power, according to a Daily Caller article.

In another Daily Caller report, Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s mayor, implied that the president is attacking women mayors because they are women, leaving aside the president’s criticism of these women officials, who are unwilling to end the riots that are destroying the cities.

However, in his inaugural address on Jan. 20, 2017, President Trump promised to end gang violence so that Americans would feel safe and secure.

In other words, the president’s actions are once again part of the promises made before his election; to establish law and order.


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