Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.), in an interview with CNN on Saturday, Aug. 17, blamed President Donald Trump for siding with “the domestic terrorists” while defending antifa group, casting them as “peaceful protesters.”

Haaland’s comments came after the president tweeted: “Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an ‘ORGANIZATION OF TERROR,’ ahead of the protests between right-wing demonstrators and antifa on Saturday.”

“This is on par with what the president does. He sides with the white supremacists, the white nationalists, with the domestic terrorists in our country, just as—you know, he has incited violence against people of color,” she said.

The congresswoman then defended antifa, saying, “the peaceful protesters” who just work to “safeguard their city from domestic terrorism” and “keep their city moving forward.”

Contrary to the congresswoman’s claim, the Portland rally turned violent as antifa members attacked the the right-wing demonstrators—Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer—on buses by smashing windows and throwing hammers into the buses. There were at least 13 arrests after some clashes.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who survived a brutal attack by antifa members in June, reported on the rally and posted a series of video showing the violent protests on Tweeter.

In response to Haaland’s claim, Ngo said, “I was beaten on the head & robbed on 29 June. Antifa then continued to hurl “milkshakes” at my bleeding face. I was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage. There still hasn’t been a single arrest by @PortlandPolice.”


Gabriel Nadales, a former member of antifa told the Fox News: “Antifa has become far more violent and bold since I was involved nearly a decade ago.”

As Nadales recalled some violent acts of antifa members neglected by the media like a call to bring pitchforks and torches to the home of Stephen Ross, CEO of Equinox and SoulCycle, who donated to President Trump’s re-election campaign, he expressed concerns about the media who “make light of and even glorify Antifa’s activities.”

“Members of the media should understand the power they have in influencing their millions of viewers, readers, and listeners. Positive exposure of the group encourages people to join antifa and normalizes violence,” Nadales said.

The former antifa member insisted the group must be condemned an exposed.||0e6f9e8b5__

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