House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) on Friday, July 31, issued a subpoena to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over claims that he helped Senate Republicans advance conspiracy theories about former Vice President Joe Biden and his family.

“Secretary Pompeo has turned the State Department into an arm of the Trump campaign and he’s not even trying to disguise it,” Engel said in a statement.

Engel demanded tens of thousands of documents that the State Department provided to GOP senators as part of their investigation into Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.

“After trying to stonewall virtually every oversight effort by the Foreign Affairs Committee in the last two years, Pompeo is more than happy to help Senate Republicans advance their conspiracy theories about the Bidens. I want to see the full record of what the department has sent to the Senate and I want the American people to see it too,” Engel added.

Last summer, President Donald Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy during a phone call to look into the Biden family’s dealings in Ukraine after a video showed Biden bragging about using his influence to remove Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin who was investigating Burisma, where Hunter Biden served on the board. Shokin was dismissed from his position in 2016 over allegations of corruption.

“I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion.’ I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money,’” Biden said in the video, referring to a conversation with then-Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko.

“Well, son of a [expletive], he got fired,” Biden added. “And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”

President Trump’s phone call sparked a Democratic-led impeachment against him. The president ultimately was acquitted in the Senate in February.

Earlier this year, investigators in Ukraine launched a probe into Biden over allegations that he pressured Ukrainian officials to fire Shokin.

“They need to investigate this. They have no other alternative. They are required to do this by the decision of the court. If they don’t, then they violate a whole string of procedural norms,” Shokin’s lawyer, Oleksandr Teleshetsky said in an interview.

On July 28, Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) expanded their hunt for documents related to “potential conflicts of interest relating to the Obama administration’s policy decisions with respect to Ukraine and Burisma Holdings.”

“We have a number of outstanding requests for records and information to the Department that have not yet been fully answered, as well as additional follow-ip requests based on information that we have already received from the Department and other agencies,” Johnson and Grassley wrote in a letter to Pompeo.

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