After the New York Post’s corruption scandal involving Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden and his son Hunter, controversial businesses involving Hunter continue to emerge.

This case involves transferring $3 million from taxpayers to Hunter Biden’s companies and arises again because the KeyBank banker, Don Graves, who fostered it, has joined Joe Biden as an advisor to his hasty and still illegitimate government team, according to Breitbart on Nov. 12. 

 Although Biden was quick to proclaim himself the winner of the election, evidence of fraud is mounting.

There are abundant irregularities in counting electoral votes, including evidence of theft of votes belonging to President Trump being assigned to Biden.

If these legal claims by President Trump are resolved in his favor, he would be re-elected.

However, no conclusion on the election is possible yet. Still, Biden ignores increasing evidence of fraud and is active in building his government team, even if it is not, however, legitimate.

Graves would be an advisor to Biden on financial regulation issues in what appears to be Biden’s unofficial presidency.

Graves’ relationship with the Biden family began when he went to work for then vice-president Biden in Obama’s presidency, and he has remained close to the family ever since.

In December 2013, Graves, serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, helped transfer nearly $3 million in taxpayer funds to Rosamond Seneca Technology (RST) Partners, of which Hunter and Devon Archer were partners.

That money was part of a public-private initiative in which Hawaii’s state, through the Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation (HSDC), also invested money to provide seed capital for new technology companies.

The agreement provided for both parties to contribute $5 million each, to be invested in a Hawaii-based venture capital fund called mbloom.

However, within a few months, mbloom became embroiled in a scandal that led Hunter and Archer to transfer it to another company linked to HSDC, and in 2016 it was finally closed. 

The facts of corruption published by the New York Post linking Joe Biden and his son were distorted by the media, which also rushed to designate Biden as the winner in the electoral race, without any foundation.

Now, as President Donald Trump’s legal team intervenes in the complex web of voter fraud, some situations are becoming more transparent, and votes that were irregularly transferred to Biden are being returned to Trump.

The outlook for who will be the President of the United States for the next four-year term is becoming more favorable for Trump.

As The Gateway Pundit put it on Nov. 10, “President Trump is winning the 2020 presidential election,” according to its calculations when considering the numbers of states confirmed, states under investigation, and those with court cases.

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