In statements wholly detached from the facts, Biden administration officials ignored the deaths and destruction caused by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa Marxists. They declared “white supremacy” to be the greatest domestic threat to the country.

The statements were given by Attorney General Merrick Garland and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas before the Senate Appropriations Committee at a hearing on domestic extremism, according to alternative media outlet Trending Politics on May 12. 

Garland cited the FBI’s concept about the threat posed by those who “advocate the superiority of the white race,” by 2021. 

In particular, he referred to the entry of unarmed protesters into the Capitol on Jan. 6, where, apart from damage and some minor theft, only the death of an Army veteran, Ashli Babbitt, apparently at the hands of a staffer of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, occurred. 

According to analysts, this entire narrative of the Biden administration and the Democrats about the Jan. 6 riots only pursues political ends, specifically the persecution of former President Donald Trump supporters. 

In this sense: “The Republican objectors were following a constitutionally guaranteed precedent that had recently been established by Democrats in 2001, 2005 and 2017,” explains author Kyle Becker.

He adds, “it wasn’t a year-long orgy of riots in cities across America that involved burning buildings, looting businesses and killing dozens of innocent civilians,” referring to the destruction caused by members of the Marxist BLM and Antifa movements last year. 

To amplify the Jan. 6 events at the capitol, Democrats unjustifiably and futilely deployed thousands of National Guardsmen—for months—at the buildings. They even built barbed-wire fences to supposedly defend them from ‘domestic terrorists’ who never showed up.

Aside from the widely documented real assaults by BLM and Antifa, authorities should prevent another real threat that frequently costs American lives.

It is “mass shootings (including three-quarters of the incidents committed by African-American assailants), and protecting our inner cities (with exploding violent crime rates thanks in part to ‘defunding the police’) and securing the country from attacks by hostile nations such as China and Russia,” Becker adds.

The supposed “white supremacy” argued by Democrats would be one of their most destructive propaganda ploys, argues Twitter user Matt Walsh.

“‘White supremacy’ is the most delusional and destructive moral panic in American history. We don’t have a white supremacist problem in this country,” he wrote in one of his tweets.

He adds, “There is no great white supremacist threat. This is being made up by the media and the government.”

In this context, netizen @Tweetestboi_ph argues in one of his tweets that spreading the “white supremacist” narrative is part of the leftist agenda.  

“The white supremacist agenda benefits African Americans and leftists. A lot of people will be irrelevant without it. How would Jordan Peel [the writer and comedian] make money?”

Likewise, the persecution involved in classifying “white supremacy” as the greatest threat to the nation is inconsistent with the attitude of those who have welcomed immigrants from around the world, suggests user @digvijayankot in his response to Walsh.

“I agree. For a white majority country that has welcomed immigrants with open arms from around the world for decades to be accused of white supremacism is extremely demeaning towards the silent majority of Americans,” he writes.

He concludes, “The media and Democrats should stop smearing America.”

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