It’s official. A Democrat has cut and run from the Democratic Party and fled to the Republicans.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-N.J.), after meeting with the president and getting his seal of approval on Thursday, Dec. 19., said he had decided to vote against the impeachment of President Trump, and in the past several times had thought about switching to the Republicans.

He was one of three Democrats that voted against the articles of impeachment on Wednesday evening.

The president met with Van Drew in the Oval Office of the White House and threw his full support behind Van Drew.

The president said, “Very big announcement. Jeff will be joining the Republican Party,” adding he intends to endorse Van Drew, with Vice President Mike Pence also in agreement.

“This is just a better fit for me,” said Van Drew. “There were other times in my life when I thought about this.”

Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-N.J.) (Screenshot/Twitter)

Trump and Van Drew shook hands, with Trump calling him a “tremendous asset to the party,” and telling Van Drew, “I’m with you all the way.”

“I’m with you,” Van Drew said in response, reports Fox News.

After notifying his staff of his intention last week, five staffers then resigned from Van Drew’s office, “Sadly, Congressman Van Drew’s decision to join the ranks of the Republican Party led by Donald Trump does not align with the values we brought to this job when we joined this office,” the staffers wrote in a letter to Van Drew’s chief of staff, Allison Murphy.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), added, “He’s going from the majority to the minority. That doesn’t happen.”

“We worked together across the aisle,” McCarthy said of Van Drew, although the two have disagreed on more than half of legislative issues. “Looking forward to working together now, same Party. We only need 18 more to be the majority, and I think we will do that very soon.”


Vice President Pence was grateful to Van Drew for his “common sense,” saying “your district will be as grateful as we are.”

“At the end of the day, Chairman Nadler knows this is purely partisan and purely political, and it’s going to have a political consequence in another year,” said former acting U.S. Attorney General, Matt  Whittaker to Fox News.

Not only is he switching his vote, but he has also switched parties.

“Welcome to the Republican Party, the water’s nice,” said Whittaker.