A Delta pilot was taken into custody Tuesday morning on suspicion of intoxication at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), according to airport officials.

Shortly after 11 a.m., 37-year-old pilot Gabriel Lyle Schroeder was arrested and booked. Officials said that Schroeder allegedly attempted to leave the screening area when he noticed TSA agents were conducting additional screenings for crew members, ABC News reported

Schroeder later entered the security line again and this time TSA officers smelled alcohol on his breath, a TSA spokesperson said. 

According to an MSP spokesperson, Schroeder was removed by police 20 minutes before the flight, which originally scheduled to fly to San Diego, took off. Some passengers were forced to deplane after the flight was no longer fully staffed.

The first sobriety check conducted by Minneapolis Airport Police revealed that Schroeder was under the influence of alcohol while the second is still pending, an airport spokesperson said. Officers also found Schroeder was in possession of an “alcohol container,” ABC News reported

The Delta Airline told the newsletter that they hired another pilot to complete the trip and that the passengers arrived in San Diego with only a one-hour delay.

“Delta’s alcohol policy is among the strictest in the industry and we have no tolerance for violation,” Delta Airlines said. “Delta is cooperating with local authorities in their investigation.”

According to the alcohol policy, pilots face a strict blood alcohol level restrictions, with .04 being considered illegal. 

The investigation is ongoing. 

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