Thousands of migrants are still waiting under the international bridge between Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña. U.S. Customs and Border Protection responded by temporarily shutting down the infrastructure on Sept. 17.

The federal agency that oversees U.S. borders closed the Del Rio Port of Entry, citing “urgent safety and security needs presented by an influx of migrants into Del Rio.”

Traffic will be rerouted from Del Rio to Eagle Pass according to the Washington Examiner.

“This temporary closure and shift is necessary in order for CBP to respond to urgent safety and security needs presented by an influx of migrants into Del Rio and is effective immediately,” the agency said. “It will advance and protect national interests and help ensure the safety of the traveling public, commercial traffic, and CBP employees and facilities.”

Because the bridge in question connects to Piedras Negras, many motorists are at a loss as to how they can return to Ciudad Acua safely. Truckers separately complained their customers would not let them change routes.

Other motorists seemed to be completely unaware the bridge will remain closed. Some even waited overnight in their cars for several hours.

“A lot of people live in Mexico but they work here in Del Rio, so they are trying to get back home,” taxi business owner Christi Dehoyos said according to Border Report.

Thousands of migrants recently began crossing and gathering beneath the bridge. They are waiting for Border Patrol agents to transfer them to a federal holding station for processing before being released into the United States.

The high number of asylum seekers is beginning to create chaos in the Texan city.

CBP will assign a further 400 agents and officers to the Del Rio sector in the next 48 hours to “improve control of the area,” according to the El Paso Times.

“If additional staff is needed, more will be sent. The Del Rio Port of Entry has temporarily closed, and traffic is being re-routed from Del Rio to Eagle Pass to more effectively manage resources and ensure uninterrupted flow of trade and travel,” the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.

The federal government also intends to move migrants to other processing sites. This is hoped to ease some pressure at Del Rio.

The Biden administration is also fast-tracking deportation flights to Haiti.

“The border is not open,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement. “People should not make the dangerous journey and we will continue to expel individuals and families.”

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