A decorated military veteran who served in Iraq and received a Purple Heart in 2011 was finally found after 18 months of hiding to avoid sex abuse charges.

In 2017, Jacob Blair Scott, 42, raped his 14-year-old stepdaughter. Jackson County prosecutors in Pascagoula, Mississippi, charged him with a 14-count indictment for sexual battery, touching a child for lustful purposes, and exploitation of a child. He was expected in court on July 30, 2018, but failed to show up.

The judge issued an arrest warrant and investigators went looking for Scott. The judge issued an arrest warrant and investigators went looking for Scott, according to ABC News

During an investigation of a mysterious suicide, investigators revealed that before the fake death the suspect withdrew $45,000 from a bank account, but neither the money nor the body was found.

Officials with the U.S. Marshals said Scott’s “military background and knowledge of the outdoors may enable him to live off the grid.”

After a year and a half, on Wednesday, Jan. 29, a war veteran in Iraq was on the list of most wanted criminals with a $25,000 reward. Just one day later he was arrested after a tipster in Oklahoma reported seeing a man fitting Scott’s description at a mobile home park.

Over the last 18 months, Scott was allegedly spotted in the Denver area, Mississippi, Nevada, and Louisiana.

Scott was taken into custody at the Pittsburg County Jail in Oklahoma and is currently awaiting transfer to the Mississippi Court, where he was due to come more than a year ago.

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