Drug traffickers reportedly sold illegal cannabis at a bustling Manhattan park, even though sales will remain illegal for months.

The New York Post published several photos of tables filled with pre-rolled joints and pot jars at Washington Square Park on Oct. 24. The encompassing Greenwich Village was full of visitors, locals, families, and students from nearby New York University (NYU).

Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) previously legalized marijuana for adult-use. However, the measure only takes effect in March 2022, meaning no cannabis sales will be legal until well into the New Year.

Ghost, one of the ganja peddlers, admitted he broke the rules by selling the drug. The vendor openly sold pre-rolled joints of “pure marijuana” for $20 apiece, or two for $30, at his stand.

“My strains are Grenadine Purple, Himalayan Gold and OG Kush mixed as one blend,” he said according to the paper. “I kick all [of] the shakes together, have a personal roller roll them up, one shot–so you have three flavors in one blend.”

Ghost also confessed to sampling his own products earlier that same day.

“I smoked three rolls this morning,” he said. “You will be able to focus at work. If you want to go to sleep just take this–you will be out the whole night.”

The New York Post reported his table was filled with sealed, brilliantly colored plastic bags. They were labeled as apricot gelato, cookies and cream, truffle pie, gorilla cake and other names.

NYU student Denny bought two joints from Ghost. He claims to buy marijuana from the vendor at least twice a week.

“Honestly, it is great,” the 19 year-old shopper said according to the paper.

Many more dealers have also started to sell at what is quickly becoming the Big Apple’s first open-air cannabis market. Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days of the week.

Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) previously promised to “set the right parameters” and address “quality-of-life concerns” in the neighborhood. However, the park continues to be a known hotspot for loud parties, fireworks, underground boxing fights, and other unlawful activities.

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