The government’s announced curfew will be extended from 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 28, until 6 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 29 reported Fox News. Only supermarkets, pharmacies, and restaurants will be able to operate, with home delivery service only. The decision was made after two consecutive nights of extreme violence by leftist protesters.

The city of Philadelphia took extreme measures in the face of the violence suffered during the last two nights, led by violent demonstrators who attacked and confronted the police, looted businesses, and destroyed stores and buildings.

Only employees in supermarkets, restaurants, and pharmacies will be able to go to work. 

The decision was announced during the afternoon by a message to merchants, in a note signed by Deputy Managing Director for Transportation, Infrastructure, and Sustainability Michael Carroll.

“While the curfew hopefully helps minimize the disturbance, we hope that the inconvenience to you, your staff, or your customers trying to circumvent the curfew does not overshadow the benefits,” Carroll wrote in the email, the New York Post reported.

Carroll also “strongly recommended” that the city’s restaurants remain closed to the public during dinner service. 

Protesters took to the streets in Philadelphia Monday night, hours after 27-year-old Walter Wallace was shot dead by police when he refused to throw away the knife he was using to threaten people.

The protesters attacked the police force with objects of all kinds, mainly bricks, rocks, and other projectiles. 

On Tuesday, the actions were repeated with even more violence and according to witnesses more than 1,000 organized people descended on the Port Richmond neighborhood where they looted several businesses, authorities confirmed to Fox News. That same night 15 people were shot, including a 15-year-old boy.

Eighty-one people were arrested in the clashes Tuesday night, including 53 people on suspicion of robbery and eight others accused of assaulting police officers. About 23 officers had to receive medical assistance for injuries.

Police authorities reported 297 complaints of looting. Videos and images posted on social networks showed people entering stores and carrying mainly clothing and electronics. 

A live video shot from an ABC6 helicopter shows hundreds of people looting several businesses, including a food and wholesale store, which also sells furniture and electronics.

When the curfew was announced, many businesses decided not to open their doors for fear of exposing their property and employees. 

Police Chief Danielle Outlaw told Fox News, along with Mayor Jim Kenney and other officials at a virtual press conference, that what was seen in the city has nothing to do with the protests over Wallace’s death. “The widespread anarchy, including the theft and looting of businesses in the area, serves no purpose.”

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