House Democrats continue to push “woke” legislation. On Thursday, June 24, after a setback last week, they managed to pass a bill that favors the LGBTQ community and another bill to facilitate abortion, according to Breitbart.

The first of these bills is the LGBTQ Business Equal Credit Enforcement and Investment Act and passed with 252 votes in favor to 176 against. This legislation gives businesses that are owned by someone from the LGBTQ community privileges in obtaining a loan along with other minorities over all other businesses.

This law is discriminatory since not all businesses will have the same opportunities to borrow money. It benefits businesses belonging to the LGBTQ community or belonging to other minorities just because they belong. It shows that even though they say they are fighting against racism and inequality, they are doing nothing more than promoting inequality and racism against most Americans.

The other bill is the Equal Access to Contraception for Veterans Act which passed 245 in favor to 181 against. It allows veterans easier access to abortion drugs with state funding through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

This legislation is quite controversial and caused a lot of commotion among Republicans. Although it talks about “contraceptives,” there are drugs such as Plan-B and Ella that many conservatives consider abortifacients. Considering that life begins at the moment of conception, it would be killing an embryo that is already in its mother’s womb, according to studies cited by the Family Research Council.

At the same time, other Republicans do not consider it that way and showed their support for this law.

Before the vote, the Republican representative, Matt Rosendale, showed his position in a statement he shared with Breitbart. He says he feels frustrated for not being able to gather within the Democratic representatives a single voice when defending life and that “I’m not going to be cutting deals on life issues, ever. This bill would put taxpayer funds towards buying abortifacients, and I’m going to continue to oppose it.”

In turn, the Archbishop of Kansas City, the Most Reverend Joseph F.Naumann, sent a letter to the representatives in which he said:

“Drugs covered in this bill include forms of birth control recognized as an abortifacient because they prevent a newly conceived human embryo from implanting, including Ella (ulipristal acetate) and Plan B (levonorgestrel). Many women taking these drugs are unaware of their abortifacient potential.

“… Please do all you can to advance authentic healthcare for our heroic service members and their families. With that goal in mind, please vote no on H.R. 239.”

It should be noted that despite the Republicans’ fight, the Democrats managed to pass these bills with a simple majority (over 50%).

Last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to fast-track through the lower chamber of the U.S. Congress using a procedure called “suspension of the rules.” The procedure requires a two-thirds supermajority of the House to succeed.

To combat her agenda, conservative members forced a roll call of the votes to get the bills turned down.

Both bills must pass the Senate before getting final approval from President Biden.