A father was quick to withdraw his daughter from a Manhattan private school after it taught students to critically examine the law and challenge mainstream liberal approaches to racial justice.

Harvey Goldman pulled his 9-year-old from Heschel School after discovering he was paying $43,000 a year for his daughter to be taught critical race theory.

“They were teaching these young children about having white privilege, murder of George Floyd [even though] at that point there was no established murder, [and] Black Lives Matter–which I believe is Marxist and destructive,” he told Fox News’s “Fox and Friends” program.

Goldman revealed he first had suspicions when he realized that a liberal perspective on the world would be added to class subjects at the school, on West End Avenue near 60th Street.

“I heard about it because I read one of their newsletters that came out,” he said according to the broadcaster. “There is a little blurb about changing the curriculum and I questioned [it.].”

The father believes the new curriculum encourages underage children to feel uncomfortable about their race instead of inspiring positive change.

“What ever happened to regular math and English?” he said. “Little children do not need to feel bad about the color of their skin but they are teaching them to feel bad about who they are. Schools are supposed to be teaching you confidence.”

Heschel School categorically rejected the allegations and accused Goldman of falsely portraying the school curriculum.

“We are a Jewish day school and very proud of our secular and religious curriculum, which Mr. Goldman is fundamentally misrepresenting,” the school said in a statement obtained by Fox News. “His family informed us last summer that his family would likely relocate to Florida for financial reasons. We were surprised to read about his new explanation for the move, and question his motives for making such statements at this time.”

However, Goldman suggested he delayed publicly opposing the liberal subjects until he and his daughter had already moved to Florida for safety reasons. In the Sunshine State, teachers cannot lawfully force students to personally affirm, adopt, or adhere to certain critical race theory teachings.

“I think everybody [in New York City] is scared to say something, parents and I believe teachers are scared to say anything,” he said. “[Many strangers are] thanking me for saying something because everybody is scared to say anything.”

His experience has encouraged other parents, who privately share similar concerns, to consider sending their own children to other schools.

“I have gotten quite a few calls from parents of the school and they are pulling their kids out,” he said according to the Daily Mail. “They are not happy about what is being taught to their children [and] I am not sure what else they could do but teach the school [a] lesson by pulling their kids out, and getting their money out.”

Goldman’s story is inspiring families to boycott schools that teach critical race theory as a compulsory topic across the Big Apple.

“If you are in New York, it is really difficult to find another place to go because so many schools are teaching this critical race theory,” he said. “They are together in this. Someplace like Florida, never heard of it.”

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