After the University of Minnesota announced on May 27, 2020, that it would sever its ties with the Minneapolis Police Department, reports of dangerous thefts around the university campus increased significantly compared to a previous period.

In the six months prior to the announcement, students received only seven alert notifications. In just over a month, five burglary alerts were received, some of them involving guns, which has caused concern for many students.

The decision by university authorities to dispense with police officers to look after students’ safety on and around campus comes after the death of George Floyd in police custody in the city of Minneapolis, Campus Reform reported.

According to the announcement, the University of Minnesota will “no longer contract with the Minneapolis Police Department for any additional law enforcement support needed for large events, such as football games, concerts, and ceremonies.” However, the educational institution will still work with the Minneapolis Police Department regarding joint patrols and investigations that “directly enhance the safety of our community.”

After George Floyd’s tragic death, the groups like Students for a Democratic Society at UMN, UMN Climate Strike, and the Muslim Student Association organized an event on campus to call for the complete abolition of the police at the university with slogans like “Get the cops off our campus.”

However, many see this decision to “cave into the mob” as dangerous because criminals are taking advantage of the lack of security to commit crimes freely.

Chase Christopherson, a student at the University of Minnesota, said, “It is disappointing that the leadership of the University of Minnesota caved in to the mob and will thus provide less safety and services.” He added that he “fear[s] that the University doesn’t care about our safety—only appeasing those who want nothing to do with law, order, and safety.”

Similarly, in many cities such as New York City, where radical leftist groups have protested calling for the abolition of the police, Democratic leaders have given in to such demands. The result is that police morale has declined dramatically, and crime has skyrocketed.